Increasing your pollination coverage timing using Native Bees

Excited to be adding in one more native bee to my breeding program this year. We have Mason Bee’s and Leaf cutter Bees and now will also be “hopefully” breeding for this wild and native species Osmia californica.


It is about the same size as our early mason bee (Osmia lignaria) and nests in the same size nesting tunnels. So there is no need to buy additional nests for this species.

Increasing diversity will spread your pollination over time from early spring to late spring.  The Osmia Californica tends to naturally come out later than the Osmia Lignaria bees.

The Osmia Lignaria tend to be the Mason bee’s that a would be most active in regards to pollination for your plums, cherries, pears, apples and Crab apples.

As the Osmia Californica hatch out a few weeks later, they are wonderful  in regards to extending the mason bee pollination of the later bloomers. Pollination with this species extends into blueberry, raspberry and Saskatoon blossom time.

I will scenting out their own house and am very hopeful they will enjoy what my garden has to offer, I currently have large patch of raspberries/black berries canes. A number of blueberry bushes and five saskatoon bushes at this time.

I will look forward to tracking to see who is liking my clove current and other current bushes? I have some extra camera equipment coming in this year to try and take a crazy amount of photos of the different native bees on the farm this year.


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3 Responses to Increasing your pollination coverage timing using Native Bees

  1. Margy says:

    That’s great to get another species of bee. Mine move so fast it is hard to get a good identification. – Margy

  2. Terry says:

    Nice to see someone who is keeping up the bee population. Good luck with your bees.

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