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This an That Post..

Its raining..  and the farm is a mess of slushy snow, dripping water and poo.. I mean it, so much poo to clean up lol The wind has created waves it the snow on the big fields.. The new bigger … Continue reading

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Snow.. Its a snow day..

They told us it was coming.. o yes they did, and we could see it on the radar, be blogs of green and pink as far as the screen could show, they said, a foot, then they said a foot … Continue reading

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Good Fire is awesome (even if in a snow storm)

Sometimes you just need a change of pace LOL.. A good fire can be just the thing.. we got four plus inches of snow last night and we are expecting another foot plus by tomorrow morning..  Ah Winter…. Pretty Snow … Continue reading

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Homestead Pantry Log 2017

This post is going to ramble a bit LOL.  I was enjoying doing some pinning on Salted Egg Yolks, seeing if there was anything new and funky looking at it from a world wide point of view..  which lapsed me … Continue reading

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Jan Farm overview

Ok, I am wanting to track this down for this coming year.. we are in the heart of winter right now, cold an snow.. but I can see the sunshine that is coming! I have faith that at the end … Continue reading

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Big Barn Prep-Lamb Watch 2017

The Big Barn is old, really old, its coming into it’s 90th year per the locals and its been repaired, its had add on’s done to it, and its also aging.. always aging, always being putter on, working on.. This … Continue reading

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Farm Puttering

A farmer friend said, you want some oats, I have to much for the bin, and so the extra are in the one ton bag and I said, I would be interested, I had gone off the farm and when … Continue reading

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New Year Storm…

Ok, I had gotten into a bad habit in the past year or two of trying to get a post out each day, instead of writing the posts I want to share and never mind that somedays it s 1 … Continue reading

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Help on the farm

I got a interesting comment on one of my recent posts about the fact that I don’t appear to have much outside help on the farm.. She is not wrong.. In 12 years, we have hired and or bartered our own helping … Continue reading

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Canada 150 Year Birthday!

Canada is turning 150 years old this year and there are many planned events across the country and there are 150 planned events for Ottawa our national capital city..  I know that a few at least will end up here … Continue reading

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