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Muck Boot Season is Here!

Hello Folks,  So I have decided to step into the modern world and create at least one proper pin for each post and I am slowly learning how to use the graphic system I choose to work with.. However having … Continue reading

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Cooking with Copper Pans

Last year we got some new Copper wear as a Christmas Present.  A big huge copper cooking square pan and a Copper Crisper with copper tray. I put them up and kind of forgot about them, I decided this week … Continue reading

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Farmgal’s All Seeing Eye 2019- Feb Update

Do you make money? Ya but what did it cost you to raise that chicken? But if you had to buy it, what would it be worth? What do you spend to have what you have? But it does not … Continue reading

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High-Altitude Cold-Climate Gardening : Overcoming Wildlife Challenges

High-Altitude Cold-Climate Gardening: Overcoming Wildlife Challenges Guest Post by Willowcreekfarm Part 4 of 5 This is our 4th post in this series. Click these links to read the previous posts. Introduction Overcoming the Terrain Overcoming Soil Challenges Now we will … Continue reading

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High-Altitude Cold-Climate Gardening: Overcoming the Terrain

High-Altitude Cold-Climate Gardening: Overcoming the Terrain Guest Post by WillowcreekFarm Part 2 of 5. When gardening on steep, rocky mountainsides the terrain presents quite a challenge. Finding a flat space to build a garden is nearly impossible, and the few … Continue reading

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High-Altitude Cold-Climate Gardening Series Part 1

High-Altitude Cold-Climate Gardening Series Part 1 of 5 Guest Posts by Willow Creek Farm Farmgal “As my readers know, I love to garden, its a huge part of our farm and our life all year long.. I also enjoy reading … Continue reading

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Lets talk about Homesteaders and Health.

So many of the “idea’s and dreams about homesteading says that we will have better health for it.. Working our bodies, working with our hands, growing our own food, harvesting 0 mile eggs/milk/meat. Hunting and Fishing, hiking and horseback riding.. … Continue reading

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Fall Round Up -Ground Cherry Mincemeat Tart Recipe

Apple-Ground Cherry Mincemeat Recipe 6 cups of peeled, cored and coarsely chopped fresh fall apples (I used Spartan) 2 cups of husk removed Ground Cherries 2 cups of golden raisins 1/8 of a cup of finely diced dried ginger 1 … Continue reading

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Snakes on the homestead

There was a lovely garden snake that was heading towards my chicken yard this morning and as the chickens would have been hunting it hard and fast. It seemed like a good idea to catch this pretty babe and move … Continue reading

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Wood Ash Use in the Garden

As my regular readers know we have had a bad ice storm and then a very strong wind storm, I have so many small, med and even huge limbs or tree’s down between the two storm.  I have been doing … Continue reading

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