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Bird Gifted Native Fruit Bushes or Trees Frugal Ways

Over the years I have been Bird Gifted a host of different native/local fruit producing canes, bushes or trees. My favorite among them all is my hawthorn cluster. I mean look at those blooms, and then all fruit that follows. … Continue reading

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Hedges.. o hedges.. make it so..

I am ordering in 100 new cedar babies from the county tree program this year and will do  hundred more next years is the plan, and I have swack of native black willow whips to move over and start them … Continue reading

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Red Currents 2018

We have a truly lovely haul from our red current bushes with pounds of them coming off each mature bush, some of the bushes are smaller-younger that are not as many but the older ones are having a outstanding year! … Continue reading

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Clove Current.. Garden 2015

Called clove currant, this is not a black currant except in color. It ripens much later, is bigger and sweeter without the black currant muskiness. The yellow flowers in spring are spicy sweet and the bush is large (5′-6′) and … Continue reading

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Things I need to move from one area to another-re garden

I need to dig out another ten wild violets plants from the food forest and move them into spots in the main garden. I need to dig up twelve red and twelve white clover plants from the buffer zones and move … Continue reading

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Behind.. and catch up..

Ok, the past two weeks have seen me slow down and the past couple days, I have been MIA, I have been either resting or busy, busy, there seems to have been little inbetween. Which means I have a fair … Continue reading

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The Squash Bed.. Part one

So times you need to be creative and see what can be, not just what is.. So to the one side you have a food hedge row with five layers of different things aka a guild system, and then on the … Continue reading

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This and That Sunday…

O my goodness, that a amazing day! so warm, its a outside day, I will work on the inside stuff later today, we slipped off the farm and had a breakfast date at our local sunday place, it was a … Continue reading

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What’s working in the garden in this heat and drought..

Well, most of you know that I love to try a number of different things in the garden, and I have had alot of success with my no-till, dry land planting spacing and with my mulching.. Having said that, this … Continue reading

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Food Forest-Hiding in plain view..

If you drove by this, would you see anything other than a green jungle? Currently in that front green jungle there is Apple Trees Pear Trees Plum Trees Sweet Cherry Trees Sour Cherry Trees Mulberry High Bush Cranberry Honey Berry … Continue reading

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