Things I need to move from one area to another-re garden

I need to dig out another ten wild violets plants from the food forest and move them into spots in the main garden.

I need to dig up twelve red and twelve white clover plants from the buffer zones and move them into the food forest in small clumps of four in different spots, I need to dig out and move some of the clover plants in the big garden and move them into the herbal/medical garden

I need to dig out and more ten plantains and start a new 3 by 3 by 10 patch of them in the medical/herbal garden area.

I need to dig out ten small elderberry bushes from the wild/ditches and transplant them into the back row to fill in spaces on the elderberry bush row in the main garden.

I need to dig out five more Black Choke Berry bush’s from the big wild patch and move them into the long side of the food forest on the second row of bush fruits.

I need to cut five new high Brush Cranberry branches for rooting from the good wild stock and bring it back to the farm, this means that I will not effect the producing bushes that are finally really getting going, and I certainly don’t need to buy them..

Need to  dormant cut and root out twenty small Canadian plum bushes for placement in both the food forest.

? I am hopeful that my comfry will produce lots and lots of wee babies starts that will be pulled, potted up allowed to grow a bit and then transplanted to the food forest, and into a big row in a different part of the main garden.. If needed, I will take take ten small root cutting, as that is the min that I want to transplant but I would prefer twenty to thirty if possible.

I hope that my borage is going to self-seed just as freely, and if it is successful, I will be creating another row of borage in the main garden, That year I had a twenty foot row, I would like to expand it, I would like to put a borage plant row every third row to work as a bee draw..

Ground Cherries, I had a very good size patch happen last year, they need more room then what I gave them, I intend to move the “patch to a different spot and increase the size given to each plant, however I hope to keep the area that they were free-seeded out into last year as a starter nursery, I will transplant all the babies into the edge of a swampy area in the food forest, ideally creating a patch that will look after itself and also become my “seed reserve”, I am also insteading to move a number of the same babies over to one side of a hugelculture bed, as I have a lot of trouble on that side as it lays up on a very very well area, perfect for acting as a water sink for the bed but has proven difficult to keep plants growing there that I want to see.. Perhaps they will do well..

I need to go dig up ten one foot square of day lily’s from my wild day lily patch, and I am going to Split each one into four and plant out 40 of them on a ditch line to create my own self growing patch for harvest. While I love my wild patch, its huge but you have to drive for it, and while I do have some area’s of reasonable size on the farm, I don’t have enough to both harvest roots and flowers at will.. so this is a area that must be expanded.

I am sure there are many more, but those are the ones that I am thinking about today..  Its plus 6 today and the snow is melting..

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5 Responses to Things I need to move from one area to another-re garden

  1. omg girl that is a lot of work

    • Well, first you need to remember that the farm is my full time job, regular household chores and barn chores take up about four hours a day in winter and about three hours a day in summer (they self-water and pasture graze), I ideally in spring/summer and fall, ride between an hour to three five days a week (but that is my workout/fun), my blogging normally takes about an hour a day, so I have used up six or so hours out of my regular 10 to 12 hour day, now normally on the gardens, I put in at least an two hours in the spring, and then about an hour per day for the rest of the season, because once it really starts going, hubby takes over the outside main garden work/harvest, because I then take over the canning, drying and freezing, cooking etc, once the crops are really starting to come in, I give three hours to harvest work daily in the kitchens but I multi-task, as you know with canning, you can get all kinds of things done inbetween each prep-load, I love cooking things down in the huge crockpots overnight and then can up in the morning..

      I guess the point I am trying to make is that with a workday on average of eight to ten hours, most days more like 12 hours for me, plus three hours for hubby, we can get a lot done because it quite literally is “my job” 🙂

  2. For some reason I thought looking after the critters would take more time out of your day. Although moving all of the stuff is in addition to your “regular” spring stuff does sound like a lot of added time.

    Guess it is no different then starting a new bed/garden, it all takes time. For me is gives me a sense of peace.

    • Well, I guess if I didn’t already have all the extra’s done over the past nine years, it would but each year we put extra time into different things that work towards making our daily chore life easier.. I guess if I had to add those hours up and then split them between each work day it would add in more time but we consider them “projects” rather then part of the daily routine. Yup, it all takes time but like you, I find it is well worth the effort.

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