March 14th- Foward ho..

The storm has come and gone, the weather is inching its way upward, I am hope to be drinking maple sap this weekend, and it will be AWESOME!

The laundy path has been dug out again and stubborn me has it full again, the never ending house chores are chugging along, the running of the hounds today was a blast, jump, run, spin and roll in the snow, marking of the fence posts, running back and forth with total joy, butts lifted high into the air, head lowers, tails waggin.. come get me or laying flat to the ground, trying to make seem as small as possible, waiting to strike as another one runs by, bolting out and then playing zip an zag.

Today is the first day in three that have been warm enough to even consider working with the horses, so that is on the list..

Got to full 72 cell trays that I want to do up today into a mix and match of seeds for different seedlings, and then I am done for a few weeks, while I move all the ones coming into small pots, which will take up all the room I have at the moment. So I need to plan ahead on how many trays to plant until I can get the greenhouses online..  Only a few more weeks before I will be able to start using the cold frames for some of the outdoor seedling plantings.

Started Saving all my egg shells, normally, they are part of the pig pail but not anymore, now they are being saved for the garden.. I read something on one of my local farm blogs, they are talking about a hard hot summer with not nearly as much rain.. Now given the snow pack, unless it melts out wrong, I will have lots of spring water, but I hope they are wrong that we are going to have mild drought conditions given the way the gulfstream is working at the moment, but that is what they are saying, I guess the best thing to do is to plan for the dought and then if it does not happen, we are just ahead of the game.

So I guess I will need to add even more compost to the garden this spring, need to get both of the big hugelbeds topped up and the third big one fully finished for the garden season, its just waiting for this years winters’s pig turned deep pack pens scrapings layered on top of the pre-pared overwintered bottom. There was some damage done on my rain water collection systems in these winter storms that will need to be fixed as soon as possible and a number of more 55 gallons water drums need to be added to the lineups.

Breakfast for hubby was Toast and Peanut Butter,  Eggs and bacon for me.

Lunch-Carrot Soup with dill, Not sure what hubby took but it would have been leftovers or soup or stew from the pantry

Supper-Bacon/egg buns with Mayo, with home jellied peach’s in their own juice with tea for me and hot chocolate for hubby.

Hubby also had muffins, cookies and loaf, I had half a cup of fruited/nut trail mix as a afternoon snack.

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