Hidden Harvest Seedlings Starters

2013-01-01 1660 (600x450)

All the nuts or seeds are from local sourced tree’s, these are Filbert..

2013-01-01 1661 (600x450)

These are shagbark nuts.. The nuts had been kept out in below o temps in a unheated area.. I currently have them in the fridge for another month of cold.

2013-01-01 1662 (600x450)

These are wild Canadian plum pits and Sour Cherry pits, they are in their medium, and I have them wrapped in a wet but not dipping papertowel in a baggy in the fridge, I plan to move them out of the fridge at the end of the month and start working on getting them to crack open and root..  Do you have anything in your fridge that you are hoping to start as seedlings this spring?

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2 Responses to Hidden Harvest Seedlings Starters

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    What size are your Filbert nuts? We have several Bitter Nut Hickory trees just down the road that look VERY much like those in your photo… They’re small (about the size of an alley), fairy smooth shelled and good for cleansing the liver, if you know what I mean – NOT poisonous, as some would say – but REALLY bitter; )
    Had collected some Ginko fruit in the late fall, but left them outside and they were “harvested” before I could get them in the fridge): Try, try again…
    SONG (Society of Ontario Nut Growers) http://www.songonline.ca/nuts/

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