March 15th-busy… busy..

Breakfast was bacon/eggs, toast with tea and then we were off to the races, dh needed to work on writing out a authers blog interview questions which was his putter of the day, the wind was whipping around, perfect for laundry, and I got six loads done, which means three full lines done over the day.

Sam was laying down, he does trust me enough to come to the fence but no amount of cooing and slow talking would let him stay down while I came to give a pat.. its a start..

2013-01-01 1663 (600x450)

We did regular chores and then we shower and headed off to a “farm” 20 min or so away to look at a new duck, now we laughed when we pulled in, its a castle, four car garage, three stories million plus house and at the back and side thrown up wood and wire/ with plastic is all kinds of birds, ducks and rabbits huh, nice guy, nice critters but totally not what you expect behind that massive o so pretty house..

introducing Gray Mist

2013-01-01 1664 (450x600)

Pat, mist and Blacky were moved as a bredding trio to a new pen just for them so I can control breeding and genes.

The remaining guinea fowl were moved from winter quarters to summer, but not before one of them got a much needed beak trim, only she grows a beak like this, none of the others do

2013-01-01 1665 (600x471)2013-01-01 1666 (600x450)

So that pen will be cleaned out, limed and will have a different summer use.. the geese have been moved into their own breeding trio with a nice big area, and two nesting box’s, one for each girl, instead of building box’s, we put our thinking caps on and recycled two things in storage into nesting box’s for them, and as dirt is frozen, we layered the bottom with 2 inch of loose pig stall compost, with lots of straw bedding, now hopefully they will pick a nest and start laying where I want them to.

Bacon wrapped guinea fowl breast meat is a sweet little treat..

2013-01-01 1659 (584x600)

Supper was steak and potato’s, with a fruit salad, pineapple, canned, dried cranberries and coconut dried, mixed together and allowed to sit together.

Well, had better get this day going!


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4 Responses to March 15th-busy… busy..

  1. stupid question – Gray Mist, what kind is she and is that feather loss on her shoulder?

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    “Oh the times they are a changin’…” and people everywhere are finding their “Inner Farmer”. Didn’t realize there were so many colours in Muscovy – usually only see the old black/white type in the barnyards around here…
    Always thought that Guinea Fowl were rather Prehistoric-looking birds, so no great surprise her beak is too. Guess Y’could say she’s a bit of a genetic throwback then, eh? Love listening to the hens talk to their chicks: )

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