Behind.. and catch up..

Ok, the past two weeks have seen me slow down and the past couple days, I have been MIA, I have been either resting or busy, busy, there seems to have been little inbetween.

Which means I have a fair amount of catching up to do for you..  so many good posts and I have sit down and get all the info I have been faithfully tracking in the Friday garden reports and get the numbers crunched and up.

But for now today at least before I go for the next thing.. lets have a peek in the gardens.. or at least some of them

Yesterday, Dh took the scythe and cut down all the wild parsnip out of the whole food forest, we try and hand pull a lot of them in the spring but they always seem to have missed lots and both tall and little were getting ready to bloom, they are being cut and dropped, that took a good while, I was loving that in one area of the food forest the natural area grows high enough when standing in it, it has parts that reach at least six foot..

Other area’s have been allowed to be large animal cropped on a rotational bases creating a haven for wild flowers and the smaller plants that can’t thrive in the much more dense heavier taller grasses.

Two of the intern planted guilds are looking awesome (I didn’t know that I even made guilds till this springs course) I planted these as a unit of what I knew worked well in edges of tree lines and that they tend to a highly productive clumpings,  which pretty much turns out to be what a guild is LOL

But its the now six weeks along is the straw squash garden, now Dh took down the paths on both sides in a straight cut and drop, I can see that I will need to haul down a cart full of straw to fill in the sides a bit already on  few spots, but the growth on these plants from seeds in to this has been out of this world, I already have flowers coming on the summer plants.

2012-12-24 516 (375x500)

2012-12-24 517 (375x500)

Now in the round bale garden, the already started strawberry plants that went in are growing well and while I don’t want them to and will be in fact pinching off the blooms, they are thinking to make strawberries, the silly little plants..

2012-12-24 518 (500x375)

So these are the seeds that Dh did in the other bales a week ago Friday and I got the pictures taken on Friday, so this is one week from seed to start of first leaves, very, very nice, its going to be very interesting to see these bales covered and crawling with all this green..

2012-12-24 519 (500x375)

Each bale has eight plants per, four on each side.

2012-12-24 520 (500x375)

Now I have to say that I am amazed at how fast the goslings are growing! wow, do they ever pack on the pounds in short order, but I can’t yet figure out why the one purebred gosling has the wrong color markings? my research and having meet its parents in person, I don’t understand why the one has pure white wings, when it should have fully colored dark brown with white edged wings.

2012-12-24 521 (500x270)

But I am also thrilled to see that one of my pretty Guenea hens is sitting on a full clutch, that both hens have been laying in, she was disappearing, and for a bit we thought we might have lost her but nope, she was in a pen, safely tucked into a sheltered area, sitting like a good girl! She has been fully sitting for around five days at this point, so hopefully in the early part of aug, I will have a nice little clutch of keets to raise up.

2012-12-24 522 (500x375)

2012-12-24 523 (500x375)

Super Thrilled that I have well over two dozen peppers coming already on my plants with many more starting and of course they are still in bloom, my biggest are a good four inches already..  yum, yum..

Well, had better sign off now and get some things done.. talk soon everyone!

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2 Responses to Behind.. and catch up..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Good to hear from you
    (and DH TOO; )
    Say, (seeing your photo reminded me; ) have you ever grown Sheppard Peppers? They have a long, “Banana Pepper” shape but much heavier body, start out green, ripening to red. A lot less temperature sensitive than the Bell type (and are seed saveable: )
    Your “bale plantings” are the cat’s pyjamas of hilling – can’t wait to see how they yield!
    With the weather so far I’m guessing you’re still running to catch up, BUT…
    Have a Happy Canada Day Weekend!

  2. grammomsblog says:

    It’s a great summer for squash with all this rain!

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