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Plum BBQ Sauce

Now comes a very old recipe, I found the “bones” of this recipe in a cookbook from the victora times but have played around with it enough to be able to call it Farmgal Fruit BBQ Sauce and its fabulous … Continue reading

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Reworking the straw hugelculture beds 2014

So I was very surprised at just how poorly some of the bales wicked up water, but then I took a good hard look at the underside, you see while the ground got cut away and the bigger and smaller … Continue reading

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The squash bed update! and round bale plantings..

I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves, another day or two and I am going to have my first of my summer squash!

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Behind.. and catch up..

Ok, the past two weeks have seen me slow down and the past couple days, I have been MIA, I have been either resting or busy, busy, there seems to have been little inbetween. Which means I have a fair … Continue reading

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