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Lets talk about the farm’s Sugar use in 2016

So in 2016, we used a grand total of 126 pounds of sugar for coffee, tea, baking, canning and so forth.. My records show that approx. 76 pounds went into canning or curing items. Now it gets really trick at … Continue reading

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Canning Round up 2017-Jan

The goal of course is to have a nice full pantry with as much as possible done off the farm itself 🙂 2017 Please note for ease of tracking, I will be rounding everything up or down into pints.. example, … Continue reading

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Ginger Raspberry Jam Recipe

Ginger Raspberry Jam   3/4th cup of fresh peeled, finely cut ginger 4 cups of mashed raspberry (these were frozen from our farm) 7 cups of sugar 2 TBSP of lemon juice Pinch of salt 1 package of pectin   … Continue reading

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Lime Pina Colada Marmalade (jam)

Lime Pina Colada Marmalade. Wash 8 limes and take off tags and the end.. then grate the peel off then all.. leaving as much white as possible on the lime. Then roll your limes well to help get the juice … Continue reading

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Kumquat Marmalade

This is the official marmalade post for the Food in Jars Challenge for Jan These little fruits were Persnickety lol.. having never worked  with them before but having heard good thing I decided that they would go on the list … Continue reading

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Food in Jars Mastery Challenge 2017

http://foodinjars.com/2017/01/food-jars-mastery-challenge/ Back in 2010, the blogger we all knew as Tigress hosted a year-long canning challenge known as the Can Jam. Each month, she’d announce a new category of ingredients and we’d all head out and make a preserve featuring … Continue reading

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Old Chicken- Tough Free range birds

So folks love to talk about how full of flavour free range chicken is, and if you butcher young birds in tractors that are moved daily, you get full flavour young tender well treated chicken.. But what do you do … Continue reading

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Canning Costs- Ways to make it just a bit cheaper..

Last year as I was processing food, and canning this and that.. my mother looked at me and said with a laugh in her voice (after not having been on the farm for eight plus years), Girl you have every … Continue reading

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When things do not go as planned -Sqaush

The first frost has hit the farm, but only in spots.. got to love microclimates..  a little bit here and little bit there .. my poor squash yield for this year is enough to make me cry.. Are you ready! … Continue reading

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Canning Workshop

I was up bright and early to get the farm chores done so that I could hit the road and get there in lots of time for set-up..  It all went so very well. Love the gear, good shoes, comfey … Continue reading

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