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Lets talk about Jars.

I found two cases of Quarts and two cases of half-gallon dark Amber, (takes out 99 percent of UV light) and I bought them all.. I have looked at smaller jars at times but the costs where quite high.. as … Continue reading

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Food In Jars Challange 2019 -Jan Citrus

Food in Jars is once again hosting an awesome canning/preserving challenge for 2019. The idea for January is Citrus. I have been busy already this past month, I made a number of syrups, I had a enough marmalade that I … Continue reading

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Canning Dark Brown Beans

It seemed like the perfect day to can up some dark spicy beans. I set a whole bag of navy beans to soaking last night, changing the water twice.  This morning into my big pot went the beans and my … Continue reading

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Zucchini Fruit

I love Zucchini canned fruit..  This is often called Mock Pineapple and I have talked about it before on the blog. I have done it a number of different ways, my grandmother made a version of it with lemon’s. Dear … Continue reading

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Salsa -End of garden harvest goodies :)

With the frost warnings, I said to hubby, better pick the peppers and so this big bowlful came in, as did tomatoes. I have been keeping up pretty well on the tomato’s for sauce making so I went.. Salsa!!! Equal … Continue reading

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Lamb Veggie Soup Recipe for the canner

Good Morning Folks I tracked my amounts this past weekend when I was canning a couple different recipes. The perk of this recipe is that you can switch that lamb burger with beef or any other kind of dark meat … Continue reading

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Pears.. Pears and more Pears :)

Well local pears finally went on sale.. In the end, I put up 40 pints of pears, five pints of pear juice and feed out a good amount of cooked trimmings to the both the chicken flock and the pig.. … Continue reading

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Grape Jelly

Got the last of the Grape Juice Canned and then made the years supply of Grape Jelly, it will be use a bit as jelly but mainly it will be used in sauces with meats or glazes.  Well, and in … Continue reading

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Canning Rhubarb Fruit in Bulk

I often can things in bulk form and that means that I do things more by weight then I do recipe. This is something that those that are putting up larger amounts do more often.. However this is a big … Continue reading

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What do you use clover for?

I like clover! I like white clover and red clover, I can remember as a small child the pleasure on a warm sunny summer day to pick big fluffy heads of the most wonder purple and sucking on the sweet … Continue reading

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