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Lets talk about the farm’s Sugar use in 2016

So in 2016, we used a grand total of 126 pounds of sugar for coffee, tea, baking, canning and so forth.. My records show that approx. 76 pounds went into canning or curing items. Now it gets really trick at … Continue reading

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Keeping it real on the farm 2016

This was our lovely New Years Day Dinner, the works.. turkey, stuffing, mashed, green beans and gravy.. it was so good.. it was also a reminder that I only got 1 turkey baby on the farm.. one.. that’s it.. It … Continue reading

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How much Sugar did we use in a year on the farm!

This post is mainly from How much sugar did we use in 2011 with a five year update.. As I dipped into a small dish of yugurt and strawberries as a afternoon snack, I made a note in the farm … Continue reading

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Purple Sweet Potato

As you know I grew three kinds of sweet potatoes this year, The standard orange, the white fleshed and the purple.. I have to buy special short season pre-started slips, I have started my own slips as well from short … Continue reading

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30 pounds of garlic scapes

Yup, it seemed like a great idea, last year I processed and used about ten to 12 pounds of these lovelies, so when I got the chance to get 30 pounds at a great price, I jumped at it.. 5 … Continue reading

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Rhurab Goals for 2015 – 300 pounds

I have set goals for a number of the bigger crops in terms of poundage, it would not make sense to do so without having a idea of what things produce.  otherwise I will have little to no way to meet … Continue reading

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Mustard Seeds..

Ah, my crop of Mustard plants did great this year, fresh itty bitty spicy mustard greens for salads, then strong hot ones for cooked greens, or add in to soups, stews or stirfries.. Then came the flowers, we had problems … Continue reading

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Apple Season has arrived.. the first bushel was picked this weekend..

A bushel of apples was u-picked at my very close apple orchard, its mear minutes from the farm, there are two within ten min but this one is the closest and has many more kinds, 21 in total, plus plums, … Continue reading

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ButterCup Squash.. hmmm.. not happy with its storage powers..

The squash were picked when ready, no touch of frost, they were cured carefully and properly and most of the different kinds are settled in and will be good for months and in some cases till next spring with a … Continue reading

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Sausage Making at Big Brothers.. Bear Sausage recipe

My big Brother lives in the northern part of alberta and he is a hunter, so if you are non-hunting, please stop reading now LOL, no really its not that bad but just giving a heads up, he is black … Continue reading

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