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Butchering out..

Hello Folks.. So I am down to just 6 of my meat chickens left to butcher and they have been outstanding! in returns.. I bought 50, raised 48..  (thanks for the advice to change their feed over) and I can’t … Continue reading

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Freezers.. Lets talk about Freezers Baby!

First let me say that owning a freezer is awesome and some thing that far to many of us take for granted. There are all kinds of freezer owners.. Freeze with the fridge owners.. this freezer used to be quite … Continue reading

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Freezer Paper and Reuseable Freezer Tubs

When it comes to meat the answer truly is easy.. use old fashioned brown waxed butcher paper.. The question? Avoiding single use plastic.. This includes the awesome and outstanding shrink rap bags as well as the ones that remove the … Continue reading

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Creamy Crab Pasta with Horseradish Greens

Creamy sauce, Seafood and pasta is a mixed delight.. add in the wonderful flavours of Horseradish greens and bit of good parmesan cheese.. It just steps it up a notch! This is a bit of a loose recipe in the … Continue reading

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Aunt Molly Ground Cherries

Lets Talk about Ground Cherries, also called Huck Berries or Cape Gooseberries.  This is a plant that you should be growing if you have room to do so. positives, it grows very well in a permaculture type garden, it is … Continue reading

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Preparing for the what will come.

It used to be what we could honestly say.. Preparing for what might never happen.. But I am not sure where you can be living right now that you are not being effected at SOME point in the year by … Continue reading

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Rendering Lard- Pasture Raised Heritage Pork Fat

My computer binged and it was a friend of mine.. would you like a couple bags of Freshly done but now frozen of Pasture raised heritage organic pork fat. I was like ok, two bags, maybe three? Well her one … Continue reading

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Indulgent Red Current Chocolate Cake Recipe

Indulgent, o yes! This Cake is Indulgent.. Make a nice chocolate Cake.. My mom’s one bowl Chocolate cake will do quite well, just make it into two round pans or you can make it in a smaller cake pan and … Continue reading

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Dried Red Current Pulp for Tea’s and Baking

The color and flavour on this years Red currents are outstanding.. I do love the Steam Juicer but I can not waste the pulp left over.. Thankfully my big nine tray dryer is on the job..  its a bit of … Continue reading

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Canning Round up for June – 2017

2017  Please note for ease of tracking, I will be rounding everything up or down into pints.. example, if I do 7 quarts of something, it will be written as 14 pints, if I do 8 80z jars it will be written as 4 pints..  you get the idea.. It will make my life so […]

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