Creamy Crab Pasta with Horseradish Greens

Creamy sauce, Seafood and pasta is a mixed delight.. add in the wonderful flavours of Horseradish greens and bit of good parmesan cheese.. It just steps it up a notch!

This is a bit of a loose recipe in the fact that you can be quite flexible and it will still come out lovely. If you want more sauce, add more butter and cream.. if you want it a little more zing to it.. add a bit of chili flakes (but I think that would take away from the light sweet crab taste myself)

If you don’t have horseradish greens, spinach will work but it will not have the same flavour profile.. they are not the same greens and they DO not taste the same.

Make your pasta like normal

In a fry pan add

  • 1 tbsp. of butter
  • 1/4th cup of heavy cream
  • 1 small can of the best quality crab that you can afford
  • Salt, Fresh Cracked Black Pepper to taste, start with half a tsp of both and adjust upward if needed.

Melt your butter over low-med heat, add your cream to warm it and add in your canned crab..

Now you can added up to a cup of very finely shredded fresh horse-radish greens or you can add 2 big tbsp. of dried crumbled horseradish greens. Add them to the sauce but if dried beware they can thicken it, and if fresh, they will thin it just a touch!

Pour this over your strained noodles and touch it well together, It made 4 side servings or 2 big bowl servings and was topped with a bit more freshly cracked pepper and good parmesan cheese.

Rich, creamy with hints of green in winter.. and that sweet bite of crab with the seafood saltyness..



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