Dogwood Photography Week 1

Dogwood Photography Challenge Week 1

This is the official Photo..

I had worked this scene out on paper, explained it to hubby and off to the forest we went, I had hoped for a more open wider road but what we got was a trail with two walkable tire spacings and the tree’s closed in on the road in a very different way.. I had my balance but it was not the openness I had thought to bring to it.. the tree’s closed in the top in a way that I was not expecting, I thought I would have more sky..

then was the fact that my what was to be a “pop” of hunter orange did not show up from the back, so suddenly I was the odd thing out in the colored photo.. this big black person in a sea of white/green and with red hair and red dog.. Thankfully I could see in my eye how I could take the bones I had gotten and with a little back-end magic in the coloring and sharing and with a tiny bit of cropping..

I got the photo.. a bit darker, a bit more intense than I had thought it would be..

My runner-up is very different from the well thought out and planned photo above.. it was more.. wow a grandfather tree.. lets throw a few shots at it and see what we get..  I can see that if I had backup up and planned it out more it could have been much better.. Still I will share it with you none the less 🙂

” Self portrait”  Find a way to express who you are without showing your face.

I had a few photos in “stock” that meet this challenge..

I love this photo so much because it was the first time that baby girl Dezbot was old enough, trained enough to go free without a leash in the bush with us..  I exciting day for all of us.. FREEDOM! and so what does she do.. spend most of it in heal position LOL

This photo certainly tells the story.. I went to mount up.. Brandy moved on, I didn’t get over in time and off I came, right into the wet, cold slushy mud..  Knocked the wind right out of me..

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4 Responses to Dogwood Photography Week 1

  1. I think the one of you looking out at the lake is my favorite. Beautiful location.

    • Hi Crafty, Thanks so much for your feedback, We have lots of forest around us and of course the creek and river but you have drive a bit to get to lakes.. we live on the wrong side of the Ottawa river, the other side is filled with so many small lakes. Not so much on our side 🙂

  2. Marla says:

    Hi Valeria,
    I love your pictures especially the dog going and the person back looking down the road between the trees. How beautiful. Sharing.

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