Turning a Sock into a legging for “no chew”

Miss Marie had a bump that became a growth.. at first it was so tiny, maybe the size of pinkie nail and then suddenly it got more rapid growth to the size of thumb nail and it made Marie start to worry on it and within a matter of 72 hours it changed size, shape with her working on it.. that was Friday that we really saw the change, she is booked in for surgery this coming week. I am hoping because it was caught fast and while it is still really quite small..

I am treating it, I have cut all her feathers around the area off so it can not stick, I have and will continue to treat it with wound spray and wrap it up.. but she was taking her wraps off and then chewing again..

I know, I know cone’s are made for a reason but cones are not easy to use at times.. and because of where it is on the leg, she was being able to take off her wrap if not watched..

So we had to make a pair of these..

She says if she has to wear one, she can use my foot as her pillow.. she has that sad look down pat.. poor girl..

if you pray and you are willing send a positive though that its minor and that its not that dreaded C word.. please.

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17 Responses to Turning a Sock into a legging for “no chew”

  1. Silveryew says:

    Oh poor Miss Marie, here’s to hoping it’s ‘just’ a cyst and nothing more sinister than that. We have done something similar for our critters back home so it does work and stops them chewing on it.

  2. Maryse Le Duc says:


  3. Thinking on it as hard as can be V!!

  4. mariazannini says:

    Please let us know when you find out. I don’t like things that grow that fast.
    Your sock bandage is brilliant. Well done!!
    That wouldn’t have worked on Iko because his sutures were on his body. For that, we used one of hubby’s t shirts. It worked great.

    But I’m going to remember your sock bandage. That was awesome.
    Praying that Miss Marie comes through like a champ. Please keep us updated.

    • I do not either, I was just glad my vet trusted me enough when I said, book the surgery, not the check first.. Thanks it really is helpful as that is a hard spot to keep things on as they move around.. T’ shirts work well for certain things.. I will keep everyone posted.

  5. Sheri Zone 8b says:

    Prayers that all turns out okay.

  6. J & D > That’s so cool an idea! But more seriously, we sincerely hope that this doesn’t prove something untreatable.

  7. Good thinking, that’s a great use for a sock. Sending healing thoughts your way.

    • Thanks, I ordered in the softer fluffy collar no chew and a bigger tougher more weather working farm dog/healing cover for her legs for after the surgery.. plus its good to have in the house med kit for critters. She is active and acting normal.. I will be glad when its done and tested and hopefully we will be on the mend.

  8. Widdershins says:

    Oh dear, that’s scary … will put a candle on the altar for her, and you all.

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