Aunt Molly Ground Cherries

Lets Talk about Ground Cherries, also called Huck Berries or Cape Gooseberries.  This is a plant that you should be growing if you have room to do so.

positives, it grows very well in a permaculture type garden, it is an easy to start early plant to get the best results. Native Bee’s like it, it very tasty and its seed are easy to collect and save. From Seed to producing in 65 to 70 days and goes till frost.

Extra bonus: keep up to three months in its husk! This means that its a excellent fresh keeping fruit for those that are looking to grow 0 mile fruits.  There are very few fruits that can be held at a basic room temp for weeks to months with no preserving required.

So my average garden growth year is approx. 120 days, that means that started early this plant is producing the first fruits on day 70 of that season.. and it continues to produce fruit for 50 days or till last frost..  we are still bringing in bowls full of them in mid oct.. and with the weather depending, we will pick the rest in the next two weeks..

Given they will keep three months that means we will have them as fresh fruit available to us till the end of jan! This is up there with storage apples..

This is ONE OF THEM! and that makes it a gold star fruit in my garden.

What do they taste like.. they sweeten as they age but its like a hit of sweet peach/pineapple with under hints of citrus. I have never seen anyone not go back for more once they try these fresh, put a bowl out of them and soon enough, folks will have little piles of husks as they enjoy them.

Downside : they are space hogs, they easily will take a 4 by 4 spot in the garden per plant, they require regular picking at least weekly at a min. For anyone that does like to have their stuff touch the ground, this can be a issue as when its ready the slightest touch on the plant or wind will cause the plant to drop the fruit to the ground (which I figure is how it got the name ground cherry to be honest)

If you want them seedless you can strain the seeds out for jelly, juice or syrup. I like to leave the skin and the seeds in when I make jam..  Its truly a amazing jam. It can be used as a relish on the side for meats or in a sandwich for a dressing.  The above is the jam, its was cooked and then hit with the stick blender.. I love the color of this jam.. so bright, so fresh.


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4 Responses to Aunt Molly Ground Cherries

  1. Is Aunt Molly the most commonly-grown variety, FG?

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