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Nicotiana Rustica – Aztec Tabacco

I have ordered in a new kind of tobacco to me, it’s often called the Aztec Tobacco and it has a crazy high rate of nicotine. The average tobacco has 1 to 3 percent, this plant on average has 9 … Continue reading

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Starting the garden planning for 2019

It might seem early for it but I am starting to garden plan for 2019.. Normally my first thing I do is seeds.. I love seeds, I love buying heritage seeds, I love buying from little company’s and I adore … Continue reading

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Fall Round Up -Ground Cherry Mincemeat Tart Recipe

Apple-Ground Cherry Mincemeat Recipe 6 cups of peeled, cored and coarsely chopped fresh fall apples (I used Spartan) 2 cups of husk removed Ground Cherries 2 cups of golden raisins 1/8 of a cup of finely diced dried ginger 1 … Continue reading

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Fresh Creamy Horseradish Sauce

It the perfect time of year to head out and dig out some fresh new horseradish root.  The first year root is still so young, smaller flexible, and much less heat than second year roots will be.   Do you … Continue reading

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Aunt Molly Ground Cherries

Lets Talk about Ground Cherries, also called Huck Berries or Cape Gooseberries.  This is a plant that you should be growing if you have room to do so. positives, it grows very well in a permaculture type garden, it is … Continue reading

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Overwintering Cherry Tomato’s Slips or Plants

Fall has fully arrived on the farm but some of the tomato plants are still going thanks to the permaculture planting styles used on the farm, the cherry tomato plants are still producing in the main garden, they are quite … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pie Seed Saving

I often save seed from a number of plants in my garden. There are plants that I do not save seed from. An example would be carrots, I do not save carrot seed for a few reason’s, I have wild … Continue reading

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Beach Rose Hips/Seeds

I think its a beach rose hip, it fits what I have been told.. So a friend of mine went to Nova Scotia this summer and he came home with wild harvested rose hips.. I have never seen rose’s have … Continue reading

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Preparing for the what will come.

It used to be what we could honestly say.. Preparing for what might never happen.. But I am not sure where you can be living right now that you are not being effected at SOME point in the year by … Continue reading

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Powdery Mildew and Treatment plan

Last week was filled with a number of things that kept us just one foot in front of the other.  I might get to the point where I will write about some of it. However the garden is in full … Continue reading

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