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Pumpkin Pie Seed Saving

I often save seed from a number of plants in my garden. There are plants that I do not save seed from. An example would be carrots, I do not save carrot seed for a few reason’s, I have wild … Continue reading

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Beach Rose Hips/Seeds

I think its a beach rose hip, it fits what I have been told.. So a friend of mine went to Nova Scotia this summer and he came home with wild harvested rose hips.. I have never seen rose’s have … Continue reading

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Preparing for the what will come.

It used to be what we could honestly say.. Preparing for what might never happen.. But I am not sure where you can be living right now that you are not being effected at SOME point in the year by … Continue reading

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Powdery Mildew and Treatment plan

Last week was filled with a number of things that kept us just one foot in front of the other.  I might get to the point where I will write about some of it. However the garden is in full … Continue reading

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Garden is doing well

I love when folks post photos of what they picked that day.. but I thought It would be nice to show the day’s harvest as it was being processed. The little cherry tomato’s are fresh eating, the bowl of peppers … Continue reading

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Making homemade wool tags for the garden

Got Sheep? Yes, lovely hair sheep that I adore.. they are my favorites, so easy to work with. Got Wool Sheep? Why yes I do have two wool sheep in my wee flock..  but I don’t use their wool for … Continue reading

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The summer raspberries are early, they should not be starting till late july but this heat has everything moving faster. Last night we had salad made up of our freshly picked tomato’s and Peppers.  Sunday was spent cleaning up our … Continue reading

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We love our toads, they out number the frogs by 20 to 1 at least and we have toads all over the whole farm. when we mow, they hop out of the way, when we garden, we find them all … Continue reading

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Short but sweet storm passed over the farm today..

The heat is very high.. it was 45c with the humdix, we worked in starts an bits in the gardens, picking gooseberries, some ground cherries, black current, cherry tomato’s and fresh baby peas. late afternoon saw the thunder roll in … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day

Hi Folks, things got crazy busy on the farm and between the work, heat and a few days off being sick, i have been off my writing game.. But i have photos for you and a video or two to … Continue reading

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