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Hedges.. o hedges.. make it so..

I am ordering in 100 new cedar babies from the county tree program this year and will do  hundred more next years is the plan, and I have swack of native black willow whips to move over and start them … Continue reading

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Stop Under Valuing Your Garden Returns

I snapped this photo when we went to our local Farm Boy to see what they had in terms of better quality Citrus fruits.  It like so many other things in that store make me stop.. pause and go WOW! … Continue reading

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How to use the Baggy Method to Start Seeds

The Baggy Seed Starting Method is very easy to do and its very worth it! All home harvested seeds and older seeds should be given a germination test using this method NOW! in seed ordering season. I can not stress … Continue reading

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How to reduce Potato Issue “Hollow Heart”

We have all done it, harvested our fall winter storage potato’s and they are looking really good. You get them out on time, you cure them properly and then you find this when you start to use them. Hollow Heart … Continue reading

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How to make Blueberry Scrub Drink

Ah Scrub’s, those old fashion vinegar based drinks. In a time before fridges and pop, there was the Scrub. What is a Scrub Drink? It’s a mix of either Fruit or Herb Juice that is mixed with both sweetness and … Continue reading

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World Soil Day Dec 5th 2018

Today is officially World Soil Day! Its only the fourth such day, I find that amazing that it was only in 2014 that we as a collective around the world decided that soil was important enough that it needed its … Continue reading

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Why you should keeping a Garden Journal

Why you should keep a garden journal from year to year.  Its so important to your garden and your knowledge on what you planted, what you got in return. Now if you want to go with a fancy app that … Continue reading

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Spider Plants “repotting”

Spider Plant “Chlorophytum comosum”   It’s a favorite plant of mine, I have always liked this ribbon striped grass like plant since I was a child. It is easy to care for and very hard to kill to be honest. … Continue reading

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Nicotiana Rustica – Aztec Tabacco

I have ordered in a new kind of tobacco to me, it’s often called the Aztec Tobacco and it has a crazy high rate of nicotine. The average tobacco has 1 to 3 percent, this plant on average has 9 … Continue reading

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Starting the garden planning for 2019

It might seem early for it but I am starting to garden plan for 2019.. Normally my first thing I do is seeds.. I love seeds, I love buying heritage seeds, I love buying from little company’s and I adore … Continue reading

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