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Changing Ocean Patterns..

https://www.severe-weather.eu/global-weather/gulf-stream-amoc-ocean-anomaly-united-states-europe-fa/?fbclid=IwAR1Me04U8QadrJHuIrEsFRGtlKFZDmOU3IzhVjwFKY0FySe89IrIctFV78o Hello Folks, I truly hope that you have had some good things happen this week, we have had the local lockdown move to orange and we have a very low case count at the moment locally so we are … Continue reading

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Pandemic Pigs

This spring trying to find a weaner piglet or two was for many peaple a huge challenge, just like the run on chicks.. meat chicks sold out hard and fast locally.. Thankfully I had my name down on a waiting … Continue reading

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Pruning of the Plum Tree’s 2019

Yesterday hubby and I put on snow shoes and headed out into the main part of the yard to try and get to our plum tree’s. They were in a way the fruit tree’s that need the least amount of … Continue reading

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High-Altitude Cold-Climate Gardening : Overcoming Wildlife Challenges

High-Altitude Cold-Climate Gardening: Overcoming Wildlife Challenges Guest Post by Willowcreekfarm Part 4 of 5 This is our 4th post in this series. Click these links to read the previous posts. Introduction Overcoming the Terrain Overcoming Soil Challenges Now we will … Continue reading

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Are you Growing Dried Beans as a Protein Source?

The biggest issue with growing beans for protein is that you are having to give up a lot of space in the garden from seed planted till plant die off and or till you pull up the plants and can … Continue reading

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Farmgal’s Christmas Journal December 2018

Thank you for the feedback dear readers, I heard you loud and clear. Folks are liking my little day to day journal. While the days posted will flex, I am aiming for two a week posting of the journal updates, … Continue reading

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Work Work WORK

I am making little moans every time I move lol.. Clearly off-loading fence post logs use muscles that regular chores, garden or mowing does not..   Thankful that the gentleman that brought them gave me a HUGE helping hand in … Continue reading

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31 Day Self Reliance Challange Week Four Overview

  Week Four Overview O my time is flying by, the challenge is almost over.. and then I need to do the overview. The past week has been great.. but so busy! My husband was home for the week, a … Continue reading

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31 Day Self Reliance Challange Week Three Overview

  Week Three Overview How did we get to week three already! Crazy how fast the time this month is flying by.. We finally got rain, and we really needed it. I got to try out our new small metal … Continue reading

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31 Day Self Reliance Challange Week Two Overview

  Week Two Overview Well, its been a very busy week on the farm, its spring.. is there any other kind 🙂 The weather has been outstanding in the sense of warm, sunny with a light breeze.. however we need … Continue reading

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