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No Buy Feb 2023

What is No Buy Feb? Its pretty simple.. Only buy what must be got (clearly you are going to need to buy your pet food) most peaple do allow themselves to buy basic food items but not all do.. and … Continue reading

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Declutter 365 – Homestead Way

The title of the post says it all and yet it does not.. the past two years have been crazy hard on the farm and I have never felt like things have been less on top of. There is a … Continue reading

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No Buy November 2019

It is No Buy November and we certain need it this year.. I have done this challenge in years past as a way to remind myself to not hit that “holiday” splurge that is SO easy to get caught up … Continue reading

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Muck Boot Season is Here!

Hello Folks,  So I have decided to step into the modern world and create at least one proper pin for each post and I am slowly learning how to use the graphic system I choose to work with.. However having … Continue reading

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No Buy Feb 2016 – Overview an final update

What can I say, this month has been filled with snow, rain, freezing rain, and the flu and yet another storm is coming down the pipes towards us as we speak-read. Its been a crazy winter month that’s for sure.. we … Continue reading

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Beef Barley veggie soup.. Canning

Mom never used a pressure canner, in truth I still prefer waterbath canning myself but when it comes to safely making soups that hubby takes a pint to work and heats up barely, the pressure canner is the only safe … Continue reading

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Old vs new

Where does frugal cross the line from saving to costing us more When the 21 year old dryer that came with our farm broke weeks ago, I just moved everything to the line drying.. which is used a lot but … Continue reading

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No Buy Feb is coming up fast on me this year..

Well, its a good thing I have been doing this for a while.. it makes getting ready for it fairly easy at this point and yet it also means I know how much this will hurt as well.. Yup, I … Continue reading

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