Muck Boot Season is Here!

Hello Folks,  So I have decided to step into the modern world and create at least one proper pin for each post and I am slowly learning how to use the graphic system I choose to work with..

However having said that, I still want and plan to use my own photos in them.. yes it means it’s a bit more work for me because it would be faster to use their “pre-made” ones with just a fast word adjustment.

However that would mean breaking one of my “blogging rules” which is that I use my own farm, my own photos and that what you see is what you get.. LOL

Look at my new Muck Boots.  On sale at 40 percent off and I sure needed a new pair as my old wear worn to the point of no return, not even my foot repair glue was going to get them though this season.

They were not found in the rubber boot area, which are your standard black and with orange bottoms. I find those have a rubber that really bothers my feet after a good hard workout.

There were found in the hunting section, amazing treads for hiking, meant to put the miles on in them, rubber up to a certain point and then into the softer tops. That is my other pet peeve with standard rubber boots, I want the height of them but they are straight legged the whole way up and that works just fine for my hubbies skinny leg but for me with my “fuller calves” I really dislike that they rub on my leg in the same spot again and again.

The new boots with their waterproof but soft half top hugs the leg well, its snug to help keep out spring ticks, its soft and mobile for when I am going up and down on pens to check momma’s, babies and or milking etc.

In many cases, its worth passing the “farming” section and heading right to the hunters, this goes for coats, gloves, boots and more..

Last reason to head that way.. its rare in my neck of the woods to find things on sale at the local feed stores in the farmers area.  I mean they had a rubber boot sale and their on sale boots were 2.5x more on sale then what I paid.

However in the Hunting/Fishing/outdoor lifestyle area.. you can find the gear, you can find them in all sizes, from super small to those XXX’s sizes and they go on an amazing sales and they tend to be really good quality and built tough and to last.

While I woke up to -7

I know that spring is coming! And with it comes lots of mud, Muck and so much wet melting mucky poo that needs to be cleaned up.. Fun, Fun

So what is your favorite brand of muck boots? Have you ever wrapped your socked foot in a plastic bag and stuffed it into a leaking boot to get the job done ? I know I have!

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16 Responses to Muck Boot Season is Here!

  1. valbjerke says:

    My boots have had it – they leak so badly it’s pointless to wear them. I too avoid the ‘farm boot/rubber boot’ aisle. I buy from what I call the ‘rig pig’ section (safety toe/shock proof/grip soles) for those that work in the oil field. Love those boots.

  2. Margy says:

    They call them gumboots up here. There’s a great book called Gumboot Girls about women who went to Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlottes back then) and Prince Rupert to live and work back in the 60s. – Margy

  3. Yay rubber boots! I love my standard old style black boots (bought super cheap at the thrift store – seriously, who gets rid of rubber boots?). You are right, you can usually get really good quality stuff for a decent price in the hunting section, even more so if you can wear men’s sizes.

    Oh my – the memories of wrapping our feet in plastic bread bags to keep them dry. I think this was how we kept our feet dry in the spring when our boots had started to wear out after the long winters.

    • I know, I have been able to find rubber boots at the second hand shop, I have a few smaller pairs for when mom and dad forget its a farm and that its muddy, so I can change out from cute little shoes and wrap up pant legs to keep the bottoms clean.. LOL

      I do not have much luck unless I look at mens, which is fine for rubber boots, they work well for hubby but I really do get a rash and break out often with standard rubber boot “blend” have since I was a kid

      I have worn many a plastic bag wrapped foot in boots lol

  4. jenlynn401 says:

    Since we had a very wet winter this year, I need some of these. Thanks for the tip about the hunting section. I am going to check it out for sure! Thanks!

  5. Nice boot! I need some new ones too. Every time I go out in them I end up with muddy socks, lol.

  6. bluestempond says:

    I just love my low rise Muckers. I keep a long shoehorn next to them in the hall closet and they slip on over bare feet or whatever I’m wearing before I go tend to the barn. Then slip right back off before I come tracking stuff into the house. They are also very comfortable and roomy, as I need men’s sizes to fit my long feet. The tall boots are harder to manage but they’ll do in the deep snow or mud.

    • Those Low rise are outstanding for my front yard and I love the idea of keeping the shoehorn next to them to give a helping hand! Great tip for sure. I am afraid if I need the muckers to get to the big barn, pretty much need those higher boots to get though.. I hate when they get tracking things in. I have a area for them on the outside porch but sometimes they make it into the front farm side entry..

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