Sheep Milk Paneer- Made with Lemon Juice

I followed the recipe for Paneer from Forgotten Skills of Cooking and it turned out whiter then her’s in the photo but otherwise, its awseome, we had some fresh last night in the supper and it got a 2 thumbs up yum from DH, and I now have lots in the fridge, that is one of my big supersized dinner plates that is sitting on, I made it with 4 pints of milk so 8 cups of milk, which was just half a cup more then the recipe called for but sheep milk produces more solids so I was very pleased with how much of this wonderful Indian Style farmers cheese.

Really can you get a easier cheese to make, in a deep steel pot, add your whole milk, (ideally raw that has aged at least three days before making, this works best with older milk if you have the choice), heat till just under boiling, add in 1/3rd of a cup of either lemon juice or vinager in a pinch and it will curdle, allow to continue heat for maybe a min, taking off and let the pot sit for ten or so, then strain though either cheese cloth or a good quality lining.. afterwards I added in salt, both for taste and keeping power,  that’s it folks..

Because of the acid in the cheese, its a bit sharp for a sheep cheese which naturally tends to be on the sweeter side.

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 081 003 (375x500)

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