Farmgal Style Donar Meat Roll..

Ok I am going to own up on this, I was trying to make a beef Mock fast Pepperoni, I took beef minx, added spices, a bit more fat, packed it into one of my big bags, tied it off, simmered it for a full hour, and then let it cool and sliced and served it for both me and Dh to try, it would work well on a pizza or in different dishes but mock pepperoni it is not.. its spicy and lovely but not right for that..

So I waited for DH to try it and he approved it and said, it takes just like a beef donar meat does.. and when I had the nice bite, I could see what he meant, needless to say that will need to be on the dinner meal with this at some point..

But for breakfast this morning, i had these lovely’s..  FG Donar Meat Roll, Sheep Milk Paneer Cheese with my extra garlic pickle.. awesome!!!

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 081 005 (500x375)

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2 Responses to Farmgal Style Donar Meat Roll..

  1. I LOVE Halifax-style donairs! I need to figure out a way to make that creamy milk sauce using goat’s milk.

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