Farmgal’s All About the Nettle’s

Local Folks that are interested come on out in Mid-May for an amazing afternoon learning about the Nettle Plant.  You have gotten stung by it and its on the bad plant list..

Let me tell you honestly, you are missing all the amazing things about Nettles.

We are going to cover some of the known plants history and its been used since the roman’s times and most like even before that!

We are going to talk about it as an eating green and there will taste testing and detailed recipes given out.

We will be talking about it in detail as a herb, both for in the kitchen (cooking) we will talk about its cottage uses and then we will dig down into some studies that have some solid backing on it in the modern sense. We will talk about how to use this plant in your homestead animal health kit and why it should be there!

We will do a small color dyeing show on my own sheep’s wool as this is very much a plant that has been used world-wide in this way!

Last but not least! We will take go step by step on how to make it into a wonderful green salve for your own use.

Each person will go home with one tin of Farmgal’s Nettle Salve, 4 oz of freshly dried crumbled Spring 2019 Nettles as a pot herb for use in their kitchen and if they want, they can take home a 4 inch pot with their own nettle plant in it to start their own patch!

Want to learn more? Want to sign up for the class?

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5 Responses to Farmgal’s All About the Nettle’s

  1. Sounds wonderful! Wish I lived close enough to come…

  2. When I trained as a herbalist, my instructor had a saying: “When in doubt, give nettles.”
    Not only are nettles very nutritional, but their medical benefits cannot be overstated.
    I have tried a couple times to get my own nettle patch going but no luck. Weird considering I have found them growing wild in every other corner of my province. Well, we will see what is lying under the snow. Maybe my last attempt worked out.

    Your class looks good. Spread the word! Nettles are awesome.

    • I love that quote 🙂 They are a powerhouse of a plant and I truly hope that I will be able to get some new folks interested in learning about them, I hope your patch grows this year

      • Me too. I think it is just too dry here, or something. They don’t grow in the swampy bit of our property either. I also don’t see them growing wild here either. Just my luck. Keep spreading the nettle love.

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