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Pantry Challange 2018- Day 3 1/3rd Rule

Day 3 has arrived with light snow, below 0 temps an so far its s pretty grey day, so after taking the dogs for a yard walk. I am sitting with a nice big old pot of red rose tea … Continue reading

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Pantry Challange 2018- Day 1 Eggs

Good Morning Folks Today lets talk about what I do have lots of in the fridge and due to the farm, something that I do have more coming in.. Eggs! Currently I have both hen and duck eggs coming into … Continue reading

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Pantry Challange March 2018

Boy the pantry Challenges go all the way back to 2011.. so we are coming into our 7th year and it starts tomorrow. In a nut shell, its eat out of the pantry, storage or the farm. Its a great … Continue reading

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