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Coltsfoot-Flowers and Flower Stems

The first flowers of spring locally have arrived, our Coltsfoot is up and in full flower, the flowers rise out of the ground on them stems coming many weeks before the leaves will show themselves. I picked a full cup … Continue reading

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Colds.. and some of my homestead helpers..

Well, I was going to post a recipe today, then I started a post about how awesome my hubby is in the fact that he got up early and did all my morning chores so I could sleep in, and … Continue reading

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How much Sugar did we use in a year on the farm!

This post is mainly from How much sugar did we use in 2011 with a five year update.. As I dipped into a small dish of yugurt and strawberries as a afternoon snack, I made a note in the farm … Continue reading

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Health Report– an homework

So I had back to back appointments at the doctors office, next round of things that needed to be done to be sent to the fertility clinic, confirmed that all other tests are back and normal or negative.. I am … Continue reading

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Raddish Greens, Rain, and Riding..

Well, the rain came softly first, four or more hours of lovely soft spring rain, I was off the farm for a good part of the day as I headed in to get to have lunch with 3 gens of … Continue reading

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Grilled Salmon and Leek tortilla Recipe..

The orginal version that inspired this recipe is out of “the ontario cookbook” and it was for a smoke trout and chive tortilla.. but I had leftover grilled salmon, cold baby potato’s and fresh leek to use up which lead to this … Continue reading

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Mom Update for her surgery..

Well, mom got her staples out and the wound itself looks great.. We found at that she has very extense nerve’s acting up, so we have added in a topic nerve dimmer to the program and that seems to be … Continue reading

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Food Forest-Hiding in plain view..

If you drove by this, would you see anything other than a green jungle? Currently in that front green jungle there is Apple Trees Pear Trees Plum Trees Sweet Cherry Trees Sour Cherry Trees Mulberry High Bush Cranberry Honey Berry … Continue reading

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Mom update on knee.. well its been a week today since surgery and here is the overview on how its looking!

Well, I don’t get to see the below photo but once a day when I change the dressings but the leg swelling and bruising I get to see all the time, in a way its amazing how well she can … Continue reading

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Green composting in place

I was able to watch some of Back To Eden yesterday and I will certainly plan to watch the rest, I was about 40 min into it and I very much liked the idea of how he creates soil but once … Continue reading

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