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Hello November..

What a fall, we got our first killing frost Oct 25th, that is the longest garden fall without the killing frost I have ever had in 17 years on the farm..  Did your killing frosts come early,  on time or … Continue reading

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The Fruit Trees and Flowering Bushes are starting! But Where are the Bee’s!

Just a few of my flowering fruit tree’s are fully out, there is pears, and the plums in a full swing, the haskups are putting out a few  (not bad considering they only got planted last year) and many many … Continue reading

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Garden Monday- Apples/Ontario, Sea of Blue and Plants Swap..

Well, we all worried that this would happen, and here is the lastest news.. Sigh.. “A catastrophic freeze has wiped out about 80 per cent of Ontario’s apple crop  and has the province’s fruit industry looking at losses already estimated … Continue reading

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Food Storage Friday-03-16-2012

Food Storage Friday Report To be honest it was a slow week, and a bit of a whiny friday to boot.. the weather has hit a unnatural high, typically we are 2 or 3 above and we are well over … Continue reading

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Working on my new bushes list for 2012

Well, its not final yet, but I think I have narrowed down my list of fruiting and or health/herb bushes to add to the farm this year.. Here is what I have to date.. Smoky Saskatoon Shadblow Serviceberry Allegnery Serviceberry … Continue reading

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Garden Count so far for 2011

Garden Counts for 2011 to date, most of the harvest is done, will do one more big update in oct on what the final main harvest will be.. Hard Fruits Apples-77 pds-Still a bit more coming yet Crabapples-44 pds Wild … Continue reading

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An Apple a day..

Even if you missed looking for those stunning white to white-pink flowers in your spring walks and travels, when if you wanted to wild harvest fruit, you should in fact have a local map marked with lots and lots of … Continue reading

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Rain, garden produce, Chokeberry Season has started.

We are into our third day in the rain, good steady warmish rain, by my count on our rain gauge we have had just over 4 inchs, excellent for the pastures, for the garden and for our shallow well! Thankfully … Continue reading

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Apple -Sumac Jelly Recipe

I could not help but notice that driving that the local sumacs are covered with bright red, and as mid-summer is the best picking time, and I just happened to have some wonderful locally ready crabapples (you can use regular … Continue reading

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An Appple A Day

Here are just a few of the apples we grow on our little farm, we currently have four kinds of apples, plus crabapples. We also wild pick Apples and Crabapples locally, but we get most of our apples still from … Continue reading

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