Hello November..


What a fall, we got our first killing frost Oct 25th, that is the longest garden fall without the killing frost I have ever had in 17 years on the farm..  Did your killing frosts come early,  on time or late? There is lots in the gardens that is still doing well and can be harvested but overall the main push is done.

October unproccessed went well, to the best of my knowledge the only thing that would not meet the rules was the color dye in the cherries that went on my outstanding yummy ham with pineapple birthday supper.. it was worth it..

I am still amazed that its November, where did the time go? I am getting notices about black friday sales, whoa.. slow down folks.. I am not ready for that yet..  not that I ever do Black Friday sales in person (its not as big of thing in canada, but its getting bigger, but it tends to be “big toys”).. but I have used online Black Friday Sales to get really good sales on things I have watched and waited for sales thought out the year.. but I do not expect that it will be so this year..

November is normally that month I do my garden reviews, finish out my butcher plans, finish out my carry over breeding flocks and herds, check my seeds and figure out what order or at least start working on the list..

Can’t say I am there yet.. so SO! not there yet.. I think in large part because there is so much “other” stuff on my plate at this time.. I just want to enjoy the now, finish things up and move into the Christmas season.

Hubby’s work is already asking for timing on taking time off.. its very strange to be figuring that out when you are already working from home full time. So I recommended that he just be “that” person that works christmas eve and the days between and then we take a four days off after new years and get double weekends and 10 days off for the cost of 4..  looks like that is a go and all the folks that want the days off with little ones at home are happy as well.. win-win

In the month of Nov, we have ferrier, vet, dental (human) and eye doctor..  its the big fancy eye doctor for hubbies follow ups.. which is good because at the moment here in the province we are having a big old fight over money..  how much our province should pay per visit for eye care..


“As of Sept. 1, 98 per cent of optometrists have been withholding their services from the 2.9 million patients covered for eye care under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), including kids under 19, people 65 and older and those with certain eye conditions.

Initially, Bishop assumed she could pay for Jack’s eye exam with private insurance, but provincial legislation doesn’t allow that.

At the centre of the dispute is how much optometrists should be reimbursed by the province for OHIP patient care. Right now, the province pays on average $44.65 per exam, which optometrists say has increased by only $5 over the last 30 years and covers about half the actual cost. 

It’s the lowest rate in Canada, says the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO). Alberta pays $56.32 for a children’s eye exam and $80.70 for seniors, according to a 2017 Alberta Health Care Insurance”

The last time I called in to book, it was a 9 month wait time to get a spot and then it was bumped and bumped again for covid, the back up lists were long.. now this started Sept 1st and its Nov 3rd..  so that is at a min, a two month backlog and growing. I get why they want the raise and they really did go to the table to try and sort it.. none the less..  I am glad that while our regular eye doctor and clinic (and they are awesome) are on strike that my hubbies Diabetic Eye doctor is not as they are under a different plan with the province..

Wish I could just pay out of pocket and so be it but that is not legal and so it can not be offered in province.. I am starting the process of figuring out how to book far enough in advance to get my eye exam and check up in 2022..  I remember when you could call and get in within 4 to 6 weeks.. boy those days are long gone..  I expect that in the pay for the service province that you have must shorter wait times but I could be wrong? When you called for a eye exam, how long did you need to wait to get a appointment?

Mutter, Mutter, Putter, Putter..  last year today was our first snow fall.. this year green and wet, so wet, lots of rain.. at least the ponds and the well is going into winter full and I will admit that I have been successful in my worst pasture that I put on some push grazing/some mowing, and some gardening spots let it fallow this year.. and it really showed great improvement..  it also showed me by the plants that grew what and were we need improvement, were we are good and where we are gold..   Somethings are.. that needs to be dug out, and then fire wand treated over and over.. that area is ready for some re-seeding and its good.. that area really need a willow tree..  a big old wheeping willow I think..  they grow straight up for about 10 feet then start tipping over and down.. grows 4 to 6 feet a year on average and needs only a pen around it for the first while, then the sheep can graze under it and keep it trimmed..  but it will help dry that area of the pasture as well as provide shade and be a “grandfather tree” size wise in the area..  I could regrade that area to try and help push the water down and fit with it.. or I can just plant a willow tree and work with nature..  I am going to plant the tree 🙂

Point in fact I will be planting lots of trees over the next years.  There is a joy to plantings trees, something to whole to it.. I am planting a lot of native trees but I am also going to plant carefully picked trees from other counties as well..  some from Russia, some from China and Some from other northern climates.. I am not a purest as many are these days..

I grasp and understand the value of native, I do.. but I also know that our country while we do have some work done by ottawa and now our U of Sask is our golden child when it comes to breeding and putting out trees, bushes and so on for our climate.. we need to respect the work done by other counties..  The simple truth is they put more money into it..  (not saying I agree with choices made by the goverments please do not get me wrong) but they put a lot of money, time and space to some amazing projects on creating food producing trees, bushes, canes and plants and I for one will give them that due..

I have my fingers crossed that many of the things I am planting and will be planting will live on well after I am gone.. I truly hope so..

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9 Responses to Hello November..

  1. Maryse Le Duc says:

    Here in my part of Quebec still no frost of any kind but we’re getting -3C at night and it gets to 9C daytime the wind make it colder
    So I’m happy it’s giving me time to finish everything outdoors

  2. Silver says:

    It’s nuts how quickly Christmas is already upon us.
    We have to let work know by next week if any of us are volunteering for the last week before Christmas this year. And we need to make decision really about if we are going, where where are going, who is going where, this Christmas. It is hard to make a decision with so many unknowns ><

    • I know, it was so shocking to have work wanting it sorted and then go.. o ya.. it is next month.. time just seems to be melding into a long and yet so short run of overlapping days.. Good luck on figuring out the choices you are going to make for your holiday’s, i will read about them on your weekly round ups.. hope your christmas fund is looking nicely padded.. for us at least that is easy, we are not seeing anyone in person, just phone, face time and so on.. its going be a very “farm” christmas.

  3. Had soft tries, two nights in a row, to bring in November; then a real hit (blindingly sparkly in the torchlight!) last night…

  4. Widdershins says:

    Love your long-term food-forest plans. 😀

  5. Too right about the “time just seems to be melding into a long and yet so short run of overlapping days.. “ Covid Time Thing Val. Time is still just slipping away…

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