Check your boots..

This is something that I have to admit that maybe? other peaple do but I expect that many peaple are like us.. we had a shoe size that we grew up and got.. in our case for years hubby has said Men’s 10 standard size and I used to have a ladies 12 or men’s 10w..

In the past couple years, I really found some 12’s work great but many times I need a ladies 13 and I was like ok.. so my feet grew a size.. and I adjusted, after all I can always tell if the shoes or boots do not fit..

What I did not realize and I think its fair to say that Dear Hubby didn’t grasp was the effect on his feet, its become clear that he had issues with his blood sugars well before it was found and should have started treatment and meds at least a few years before we found out..

Now Dear Hubby has always had “cold feet” since I meet him in mid 20’s, I run hot, he runs cold.. I am in a sheet, feet out, he is in sleep pants and warm socks with two blankets.. we honestly gave up on making up the king size bed the same years ago, we have a king bottom sheet and two sets of twin on top with our own blankets and so on.. its the just the way it needs to be

Now I had gotten him new shoes and boots, I mean high quality with fancy insoles that adjust to your feet and so on.. and I asked about fit and got its good..

Then came the first foot issue, no details but it included ER visit, treatment and care and so on.. which lead us to his first full check up and testing with his diabetic foot nurse.. and again, not going into to details..

Here is the important take away.. trace your feet on a piece of paper (good thicker paper is better then really thin paper) and then cut it out, one for left and right foot, get out your measurement tape and do the measurements and write them down.. then put them in your slippers, shoes, runners, boots and muck boots..

If you get lines, wrinkles in the paper after you do a reasonable amount of adjustments getting it into the shoe or boot, it does not fit your feet.. want to take a guess how many of hubbies foot wear point in fact fit him..

ONE.. his good leather slippers which I had gotten on sale because they are 10.5.. they fit him.. all his older footwear and all the new high end costly footwear I had gotten him.. NOPE>. NONE>> NADDA!

then I took the measurements and had a good hard look at a good amount of shoes, he does not need more width, he needs a 10.5 in most cases and depending on the maker a 11.. how many years has he been wearing the wrong size?

Back in the day and maybe in some higher end shops they still do it, I remember them as a child putting my foot in the sizer but I have not even seen one in years? I certainly have not seen it in any of the stores I normally buy our boots at.. do you have a old fashion shoe store that still checks your foot size? when was the last time you measured your feet? Did you find you needed a w as you aged, have you gone up a whole size in your 40s or 50s?

For now, the house wear is the leather slipper with good rubber soles, and a cheaper but carefully selected pair of light weight hikers will hold us till the first of dec which was the first we could get in to see a Podiatrist and get a full check up and just for him footwear made.

Bottom line.. just like we get used to saying Size X for our jackets, or our pants or dress size.. we can get a little to set in our ways in regards to saying a auto reply and look for our shoe size.. its a small thing to check that can have a massive impact on our overall bodies health..

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3 Responses to Check your boots..

  1. valbjerke says:

    That’s all a really good point. I need men’s width and sizes. I cannot get my feet in women’s shoes/boots whatever. I made the mistake a couple of years ago of being in a hurry for a quick pair of hikers to wear at the vet clinic when I worked there. I figured my steel-toed leather work boots were a little over kill. I’ve lived in those things for years but…anyway, slapped on a pair of women’s hikers, decided ‘good enough’ and off I went. First day wearing them? Ouch ouch ouch! Suddenly realized I’d unthinkingly bought women’s boots 🤦‍♀️

    • I often buy mens for basic farm work, for hiking and so on.. I find they fit me better then womens but my riding boots are ladies and I have a few others more girlie pretty, my knee high leaver in brown, grey and black for certain outfits when I dress up are all pennington’s size 12s and they fit really well.. no ouch..

  2. Silver says:

    Our bodies change our whole lives, it stands to reason your feet may well change with it. But yes esp. for people with diabetes proper shoes and footcare is so important.

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