Happy Halloween 2021


Happy Halloween!!

This weekend on the farm is wet, soppy drippy, still raining (cold rain) high of 6 and all my wonderful plans have needed to be cancelled..  I will fully admit that I am sad about it.. I wanted to see friends and outfits and take photos and share candy/goodies and hear laughing.. 


Instead we are slogging in boot sucking mud, the house is doing a battle between smelling like gingerbread and wet dog, my floors are covered yet again in small, med and large foot prints that need another cleaning..


Still Sir Bells went to the vets on friday  (who confirmed I was right that Bells is a Sir and a baby boy) and he is almost 3 pounds now, got a perfect bill of health and his first vaccines.  He is very full of himself and then some..   

I wish you all a All souls night or Happy Halloween and so on.. See you all in Nov.. 

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5 Responses to Happy Halloween 2021

  1. arlynch1475 says:

    Happy Whatever Day to you too! We’ve had rain everyday for the past week so Beggars Night last night was a soupy sloppy mess but the kids were happy to be out and about. Today is clear and sunny so we’ll be finishing up some outside stuff before the weather turns cold this week.

    • Sorry that it was a sloppy mess in your neck of the woods but glad that the kids had a good time and they say maybe? by weds that we might have some sun.. we will see.. enjoy your sunny.. the colder weather is coming for sure.. and we still have a few things out in the gardens to do yet..

  2. Silver says:

    Happy Halloween to you, the husband and all the critters, and Mr. Bells, of course ^_^

  3. Galadriel says:

    Rainy here too! I wanted to let you know I managed to kill and process my two drakes today with a little bit of help from my 11 year old son. He helped me catch them and hold them steady on the chopping block, but otherwise I did it all pretty much myself. I ended up dipping them in hot wax to clean up the down, after watching duck hunter videos on youtube. They came out almost completely clean, though I had to rough pluck them to the down layer first, so still kind of a lot of effort. But anyway, they are resting in the fridge now, and Young Boy is going to be crispy duck in a few days, and Old Boy (aka The Jerk) will be confit maybe next weekend. Thanks again for your advice!

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