Grandpa’s Weeder Review

“I bought this myself with my own money and I get nothing back for giving this review ”

So on the weekend, we went to Lee Valley tools, we had a gift card that was burning a hole in hubby’s wallet lol We went looking for more info on how to build bee hotels.. (more on that later) but we came home with two new garden tools to work with..

The story goes that this design was made before the world war but then stopped being made as the metal was needed for the wartime effort.

So the idea is simple, you push it in, lean back on the leaver and pull it out by the roots.. the guy at the store said it works really well for thistle..

I wanted it for the wild parsnip! It works.. that is the simple answer.. Yup.. it works! It does work on Dandelion’s and Thistle (I was very pleased it for the thistle.. so good for that one for sure. As you can see above, the first year wild parsnip came out like a dream.. Its easy on the back, the leg and such.. great little tool, and I spent 15 min popping things out, I can see that if you did a bit a day, it would add up very fast!

However, for the bigger two year old plants or the burdock plants.. it will take them out, but only by popping off the bigger tops and the top of the bigger root. Still it would set them back in a very big way!

Now it rained over night and into this morning so its possible that the ground is just a touch to wet today.. but I had to grab a stick and help clean out the plant from the teeth each time to get them to drop. If that is always the case, I will just carry a tool to deal with it, its just that you do not want to touch the wild parsnip oils.. so I had hoped I would just be able to make it let go without touching the tool itself.

If you are even slightly off your center it will not work as well but once you get the feel for that, it goes fast and well.. I like it.. I can see myself using it a lot in the wild parsnip battle..

4 out of 5


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6 Responses to Grandpa’s Weeder Review

  1. David Duman says:

    Looks like 1st version of this tool:

    do you need to pull the weed by hand from the tool or does it come out?

  2. Oh hey, about those “bee hotels” you want to “build”… Because the (old) stems are pithy and go hollow, Goldenrod is also the perfect plant for growing as a bee host: )

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