Purge or Declutter Update

The big bin is filling up. We first moved all the bigger items including things leftover from the reno’s over the past year.

Then we started moving out things that were broken or had not been used in any way for years. (trust me, if I have not found a purpose or pulled something apart in three to five years to re-use in some way for the farm its not going to get used)

I have hit my goal of 365 items for the year of 2018 and am going to just keep going. I have gone though my cloths and those that are in good quality have been washed and sent to the local second hand shops. Those that are farm strained, some have been cut into rags, but the rest are going in the bin.

We started in the book cases.. o my.. boy is it harder to get rid of books, but we have been able to get rid of about half of them, which for us is a lot but we agreed if we have not read it in the past three years and its not a reference book. then its time to let them go.. some will go to the second hand shop but some of them are going to the bin.

I hit my house in a big way, and I am going though each drawer, cupboard. If its not been used in the past year, it gets the eye. If its not been used for two or more. its going into the send out box or the bin.

We have the bin for three weeks and I intend to send it back full to the brim and have a much cleaner slate to deal with in regards to my outbuildings and in my own home.

Strangely despite the fact that I am happy to have the work being done, I am not settled yet.. far from it.. I am working on that each day. Its my own issue in this regards that I need to work on and with.

Its harder then you would think to let things go..

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4 Responses to Purge or Declutter Update

  1. J & D > We start with the easy decisions – at both ends. Definite keep and Definitely bin! Then we start again with whatever is left. We have criteria and targets – but it’s right to allow a bit of give and take. Clearing out is a good thing to do!

    • Nice to hear from you guys, I see you guys are busy on your lovely piece of land 🙂 Hope your rental places are booked solid and lots of visitors. Very good advice. There have been a few things that I have put in that third pile.. just not sure yet.. and better to hold back and think about it.. I have time to make the choice. I think its a good thing as well.

  2. bluestempond says:

    That’s an inspiration! We have a church tag sale coming up and I vow to find at least 10 things someone else might want more than I do.

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