Plum Crop! “GONE” Plum Pocket have arrived to the farm!

All those amazing flowers, the plum bushes were loaded, and I was worried about pollination to the point that I gave a helping hand with a feather.

I was very excited to see that we had many wee green baby plums, mainly in the area’s I had given a hand to.. Whoot! right.. nope.. headed out in a break in the rain and I see spotting on the leaves and then I look at my plum and go WHAT??

you can see the damage to the leaves and see that dark spot on the bottom of that plum.. that is the fungal infection showing itself and it will go in and cause the baby plum to grow in size and then if I let it (which I will not) it would  get longer, go grey and puff out the spores to infect the tree again.

Google search and facebook message to some of my awesome garden girls and Plum Pocket Fungal attack happening on my bushes and fruits..  Total loss for the year.. The infection must have happened last year..

So now we have a few things to do.. Prune and prune hard, all effected area’s need to be cut off, the under ground raked clean, all the things taken off need to be burned and then this fall and next spring, I will need to do a copper fungal spray..

Its part of the issue that it stops the fruit from setting stone inside.. such a loss.. but at least it does not kill the plum bushes, and with care and work.. it does appear that I can fix the issue.

I am still reading up on that one.. to see if there are other choices on that or not.. but so far.. if I want to clear it out and make it happen properly.. looks like Copper spray will be needed.

Anyone dealt with this before on their own plums? If so, I would love to hear what you used? What was your success rate?



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2 Responses to Plum Crop! “GONE” Plum Pocket have arrived to the farm!

  1. Bordeaux solution. (Copper sulfate)

  2. How disappointing!

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