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Chick Care 101

  Ideally, if you already have chickens you are going to let your broody hen do all this work for you.  You can help pick the eggs she is sitting on but its just so much easier to let the … Continue reading

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Plan and Prepare-Garden

Well, this very dry year has been eye openning to say that least, I have never had so little rain ever, we have our own tracking system and even when the area’s around us get rain, we are getting nothing, … Continue reading

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Food Storage Friday- Garden Monday- This and That Post!

Wow, its been a crazy busy week, filled to the brim with great things but by the time I get done, I am crashing into bed and sleeping the dead LOL While this is offically a Food Storage Friday, its … Continue reading

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Food Storage Friday-03-16-2012

Food Storage Friday Report To be honest it was a slow week, and a bit of a whiny friday to boot.. the weather has hit a unnatural high, typically we are 2 or 3 above and we are well over … Continue reading

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March Challange and Permaculture

March Challange: Breakfast-Yogurt, canned mixed fruit, walnuts Lunch-Baked Beans on Bread Supper-Pasta with roasted Chicken leg in a pasta sauce mixed with yogurt and dried squash. Dessert- Hot Spiced Roasted Peanuts. Ok, so lets talk about Permaculture today, the idea … Continue reading

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March Challange-Frost Seeding

We are coming into our 5th year of frost seeding to improve our pastures, and we can’t speak highly enough of this process.  A little background on our pastures, the call names are, Big Pasture, Little Pasture, Corner Pasture, and … Continue reading

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March Challange 4th- I love my draft cow!

The weather is better today but I needed to do more hauling and the drifts are wicked to say the least, I had let Girl out to feed at the big hay feeder and then looked at her, and thought.. … Continue reading

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Garden Monday-Indepence Day’s

I decided to combine the wonderful Independence Day Challange with the once a month garden update for my monday’s main posts. Going to also add links to blog I read that are doing this challange, if anyone else who read’s … Continue reading

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Mini-Challange-Kicked Day 2

Well today was another cold wet and raining day but my apple mint is still green and going on Dec 6th!.  I did get a break in the afternoon just long enough to scoot out and get some of the year old … Continue reading

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A Swift Kick in the….

It’s been grey out, its raining again, the darn cold, wet wind is pushing me around, my foot hurts.. GET over it FarmGal, and get up and get it DONE! This is offically me kicking my own rear! Last week … Continue reading

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