Mini-Challange-Kicked Day 2

Well today was another cold wet and raining day but my apple mint is still green and going on Dec 6th!.  I did get a break in the afternoon just long enough to scoot out and get some of the year old bedding with sheep/goat poo mixed in, it might not looks like much in the photo but that is six full wheelbarrol loads on that space.. giving about a 3 to 4 inch cover of mixed bedding/poo, rhubarb are very heavy feeders! While lots of area’s can stand to have some added for cover, the big one that I really wanted to get done yet was the rhubarb patch and the grape vines.. Done!

Figured if I was getting things done, I got on the phone and double checked our coming dental bookings, I had mixed up who had what date on the calander, so I am glad I made the call. I also called and ordered another flat of Wide Mouth Jar lids (Ouch, 3.99 for 12 count box, I have got to get some tattle lids for my wide mouth jars), another flat of regular lids (better at 1.49 for a 12 count box) what a crazy price difference.

I have striped the beds and done all the sheets and blankets for my day’s laundry and on all my guest beds, I have switched them from cotten sheets and light blankets to heavy flannel and thick winter quilt with a wool blanket under it.

For my daily canning, I went to quarts and so did five quarts of ham/veggie/white bean soup, and two quarts of chickpea’s which will be used to make some yummy humas at some point.

Now, I know that I’ve had a few friends who read my blog tease me about being a real stickler about following all the rules, only the critters sent to the provinal butcher plant can be sold or given away, no milk, no self-butchered meat etc..

Charges have been withdrawn against an Ottawa man who slaughtered a pig and shared the meat with a friend, more than two years after the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources first pressed charges.

Mark Tijssen has been up front about the fact his family has spend generations slaughtering their own animals for consumption on their farm just southeast of Ottawa.

But in November 2009, four separate charges were laid against Tijssen under the Ontario Food Safety and Quality Act after a friend left his home in the rural community of Carlsbad Springs with 40 pounds of pork from a pig they had slaughtered.

Tijssen was accused of operating an unlicensed slaughterhouse and failing to have an animal inspected but mounted a defence based on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Charges withdrawn after two years of court time

After two years of pretrials, the ministry chose to withdraw all four charges deciding there is “no reasonable prospect for conviction.”

Under provincial law, people can slaughter an animal and consume the meat for personal use, but it is an offence to share that meat with others without being licensed.

Investigator log books revealed in court detailed how the Ministry launched a five-day stakeout in 2009 as part of their investigation of Tijssen.

That included one investigator who hid in a tree house with night-vision binoculars and a camera. The ministry also raided Tijssen’s farm.”

While I am very happy that the charges have been dropped, I still get the creeps at the idea that they sent a guy to sit in a tree house with a night-vision binoculars that tooks note that included what his children did and what they were wearing.. And while he had the defence that his family had been self-butchering and sharing for generations, most of us don’t have to fall back on..

I have said it before and I will say it again..  Be safe and follow the rules if you want to do farm gate sales or even if you want to give away meat to friends and family. Learn your province’s laws and check up on them often, they chance alot and far to often, and don’t think that because Farmer X down the lane told, o ya sure, you can do that, take the time to read the current legal requirements.

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4 Responses to Mini-Challange-Kicked Day 2

  1. thriftymomma says:

    thanks for this … made for a nice discussion with the kids.

  2. thriftymomma says:

    Can you share how you can your beans? Dry beans in jar then processed; soaked beans in jar then processed; completely cooked beans in jar then processed? What about salt? When do you add that? I’ve read that adding it too soon will make the beans tough and unable to soak up the water. I’ve got my pressure canner and going to do this for the first time. Advice from a pro would be appreciated…thanks!

    • Just another day on the farm says:

      I was going to try and find the time to write up a full post on this but then I thought, wait, Lynn has done the most amazing job doing just this, so I am cheating.. I am going to share her post with you, she does her’s the very same way as I do, and she did an amazing job at writing it out step by step.. Hope this helps, if you have any more questions , please ask and I will do my best to answer!

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