Lilac Jelly and Drying

I have three colors of lilac on the farm, I find the deepest color makes the most outstanding color jelly. The normal lilac while be softer in color and the white one is almost cream in color.

dark lilac jelly

I have a number of posts over the years making lilac jelly, its just amazing! Friends love getting it as  gift, hubby calls it drool-worthy and I love to use it to make a light winter tea

;i;ac jars

But this year I wanted to expand my dried flowers for different uses.. so I did up a total of 18 trays, or dried three quart jars worth.


These will be used in a number of creative ways, in gifts like milk baths or sprinkled on top of cold processed soaps, or in herbal tea blends, a mix of cold process lilac massage oil and I am sure I can find a few more ways to use them though this coming year 🙂


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5 Responses to Lilac Jelly and Drying

  1. judy says:

    Never heard of lilac jelly before but will try. I enjoy learning new ideas & it’s the number one reason I visit your blog because of your exciting news & ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    Quick question: our purple lilacs have been out for a while do you think the flavor would still be strong enough or perhaps could I just use more of the blooms?

    • oh, thank you for the kind words 🙂

      I know that I try and get to them when first out but I have used ones that are out more, I did notice perhaps a little less color and flavour but not enough that I regretted making it 🙂 and others did not notice as they were not side by side to compare

  2. loridorchak says:

    just beautiful
    I never knew what you could do with lilacs or that they were even edible
    We couldn’t grow them in South Carolina because it was too hot but here in southern Chile lilacs are popular and I need to grow some!

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