Running Dogs that Pack up..

Sunday was a crazy day that had so many things going on, that I swear I could if I had time to do so, I could write at least five posts just on different things that went down..

However lets start at the beginning of the day that was when we let our dogs out to go bathroom, all kinds of insane barking started happening in the yard and when I went out to the deck to see what was going on.. I realized that there was a strange dog in the yard..

Nope, I was wrong.. there was two strange dogs in my yard and they were sure happy to see us.. all happy dogs with long tongues and wagging tails.  We got our dogs into the house and they both rolled up the stairs to come on in as well.. we got them locked onto the deck and went for leads.

I was pretty sure I know where both of these dogs lived, two different families and two different farms but just down the road, one to the left and one to the right.. Both dogs are in great health and were wearing their tags and names with phone numbers.. They have both lived on their farms for a number of years with no issues.

However, I could tell that the male was “REALLY” interested in the pretty girl, who was not nearly ready but appeared to be flirty.. I don’t know if they are intact but they sure acted like it.

Then Hubby called out.. o no..  and I saw big grow out 16 square foot rabbit hutch, the bottom ripped out in one big section, the wood broken, and two dead rabbits and three missing rabbits (two of which have been spotted but not caught, however one more still missing)

I was sad but sighed because I know that dogs when they pack up and run can have that prey/hunt kick in, I knew that both these dogs do not have livestock never mind small stock on their farms and have never been trained in this regard.

We took the dogs home and I was at farm 1 delivering one dog to the owner when the other owner pulled in as they were driving around looking for their missing dog..  I truly feel that both of them will be proactive in taking measures to adjust their practise’s in regards to the dogs.

I know I will be asked this.. NO I did not ask for any kind of money for the rabbits.. these are good people and I respect them as positive part of my local area.  I have lived on the farm for 15 years and I had one person’s new dog (not either of these farms) come and run my sheep on the outside of the fence line and once I talked them about it.. never again..

This is only the second time that something has happened and just like I would WANT my dogs brought home to me and give me the time to fix what happened that allowed them to run in the first place.

So home we came and we started looking for the farm cats to make sure all are ok.. and then came the rest of the dead small stock..  One of my laying hens dead and chewed on.. two more chickens missing and yet to be found at this time.. (hopefully they come back home) and then my big black Drake..

This was truly a loss, this big guy was bought as a year old at the spring farm sale and this would have been his 5th year on the farm, so he has certainly lived a good life for duck as most never make 6 years when you are a meat duck but he was one of my favorites.. he was protective of his hens but so friendly with us.. always wagging his tail and saying hello.

It bothers me that he had a painful death that I am sure he felt fear over.. I can only hope it went faster in real life then it looked like..  What a waste.. I do have his offspring here on the farm but that does not take my feeling of wrongness at his death.

We tracked down 5 out of the 6 farm cats quite quickly and all were good.. but we spent hours calling for our 6th kitty and when he came, he seemed good until he moved.. he is a touch limping and favoring one front paw..  thankfully he did let me check it, and it appears to have a swelling and a small injury.. I will watch it carefully and see if I can with hubbies help soak it..

Otherwise, I might need a trip to the vet if it gets infected..  lets hope that between the kitty and myself we can clear it up here on the farm.. but if needed Vet it will be..

It was not the sunday morning we were planning or expected.. but it was what we got.. we finished it with burying dead stock and searching for a missing farm cat..

I am very much hoping that this will be the first and last time these dogs visit the farm..  I will not be as forgiving in regards to animal loss if it happens again.

Ok, I know this is going to come up, yes I do have the right to call bylaw, yes in a direct attack on livestock you are legally allowed to put down the attacking dogs and yes, you have legal rights in regards to getting standardized (pre-set) pay outs for dead stock or vet bills if damages done etc.

However once you do any of that.. you are really ruining your relationships.. think long and hard before being “that” person..


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15 Responses to Running Dogs that Pack up..

  1. UG, not a good start to your day. Your poor animals. Dogs running loose can be an issue, I know my mom lost a horse to a pack of dogs that chased it till it could run no more. Here’s hoping it never happens again. 😦

    • i am so sorry to hear about your moms horse.. it was a rough morning for sure.. I agree.. hope never again.. I said to hubby, good thing we lock up all the sheep at night due to the coy-wolves.. or I expect we would have far bigger issue

  2. Silveryew says:

    Oh Val, I’m so sorry this has happened, what a terrible thing to wake up to. I hope the kitty is on the mend. ❤

  3. Not going to put a “like” on any part of this and good for you for not asking for recompense for the loss & injusty of your animals but (DAMMIT!) in my opinion the owners of these animals should have immediately offered to pay for damages and replace your livestock. End of subject. No discussion.

    • *injury*, not injusty (whatever that is Autocorrect :/) Sorry, got more to blurt. Whether it was their intent that the dogs get loose or not means nothing in the grand scheme of things (I can’t imagine anyone ever doing this on purpose) but the fact of the matter is that it did happen and – both morally and legally speaking – you should be offered replacement (and right of refusal)…

      • That’s what I am looking at.. there are A-hole out there that know their dog runs all the time.. and they don’t give a dang about it.. those type of people.. well.. that’s a very different thing..

        In this case.. there is no history of running, in fact there is a history of good ownership.. I will not ruin solid good working relationships with those that live close to me over a one time event at this point.

        I hear what you are saying.. I do

  4. mariazannini says:

    So sorry this happened. It’s happened to us too. We didn’t ask for payment either, just a promise that they keep their dogs controlled.

    Hope you’re kitty gets better soon.

  5. valbjerke says:

    My dogs are well fenced around my house on a two acre plot. Should they actually get loose – I would hope for a call – but if they were killing livestock- I would understand the owner of that livestock if he were to opt for a different ‘solution’.
    When we have loose dogs enter our property we call, or in some cases walk the culprit home – and explain quite clearly that many property owners out here are not so forgiving. That usually does the trick. Now if I were to catch a dog or dogs actually killing my livestock ….. that’s different. Sorry.

    • If they had been in active attack mode when I found them, and or they were acting aggressive to us, I might have reacted harsher in the moment as well.. I mean if they are running my sheep and will not come off.. a bullet will get the job done. But they were friendly with us, behaved in the time with our dogs, did not bother the deck cat and sat nicely to have their leads put on and where well mannered with us. No reason to be sorry.. it could have gone very different and had a much worse outcome.

  6. Michaela Charles says:

    Hi there.
    I’ve been thinking about this post so much.
    Firstly sending you huge hugs. It must be so hard to have lost so much at once.
    Secondly, how on earth are you able to be so brave and considerate? I really admire how you dealt with the situation. My knee jerk reaction would have been vocal and undignified. I only hope we can all be a bit more considered and forgiving in our responses.

    Thanks for giving me a lesson to think about this week, it really struck home.


    • Good Morning Michaela.. Thank you for writing me and letting me know that this post made you think.. I will admit that I had those pulses of anger and sadness.. they are very much there.. However I did my best to deal with it in the same way I would want to be dealt with.

      I hope that would be the case..

  7. Widdershins says:

    A loss that hurts the heart. 😦 … hopefully the owners will have got the message. Dogs get out of the most secure enclosures, and do what dogs do, and they get one ‘get out of jail free’ card. Very honourably done. 🙂

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