Gal in the Garden Series – Last week of May update.

We got a few more things done but there has been a lot of rain days and so things have been soaked enough that some things had to be put on hold.. Still things are getting done.

This is part of the next section that we need to be working on, on the far right side you can just see the tail end of Plot 3 from the front kitchen garden.. I have a few plants now across the bottom of that bed and the first front row of the annuals in, I will ideally get the rest of that plot planted out this weekend and will have new photos of it early next week or heck maybe if it really is going to rain as much as they say on sunday.. maybe i will have time to write and post them. There is just shy of a hundred plants in that pile.. which has grown alot and now we have over 200 plants waiting to be planted out.. plus one more order still to come in yet.

this gives you another short view of that area form a different angle.

So the rain garden is going in before the pond, with the overflow moving into the pond itself which them has its own overflow into the marsh area.. Its going to be a amazing when its all done.

The rain garden is going to be dug for 8 inches but will come out at 6, 4 and 2 inches.. and we have had lots of rain, so I know that I can have collection in the deepest area and I am having drainage within my 24 hours which is excellent.

In total currently, we have over 200 plus plants to be put out, plus assorted rocks, plus one ton of river rock ranging from 3/4th inch to 4 inches in size that will be used to make the dry creak beds as well as a ton of pine based mulch.

I have one more delivery of plants ordered and coming by mail with just over another 100 plants to be planted out yet.

Another 10 tons of top soil will be arriving this week.. I truly hope that will finish up.. as that will be a total of 20 tons of top soil, 10 tons of mulch,  a ton of river rock..  Its all being moved by shovel, dump load and manual work.. It will be worth it but its a ton of work.

I yielded this week and called in extra help, some just by friends and one day by paid help..  The paid help day is a focus on getting the rest of the food gardens in in regards to doing the kneeling planting that I can not do myself.

I also called for help on a fencing day or possible fencing weekend depending on how long it takes to fence off that section and re-seed that front pasture area. This will be a wonderful thing to get done and finished up on.

Finally the weather is breaking enough that we can put out our warm season plants this weekend..

Here comes the tomato’s, cherry,  eating and of course sauce tomato’s. Eating peppers, sauce peppers and hot peppers!

Somewhere in there we also need to get all the squash planted and the potato’s in the ground as well..  It will all come together..

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3 Responses to Gal in the Garden Series – Last week of May update.

  1. Widdershins says:

    Yep, it will … just a tiny bit later than any of us expected. 🙂

  2. Silveryew says:

    It’s coming along swimmingly, well done 🙂 I was going to ask, do you need to fence the garden in to deter deer from coming and eating what you’ve planted?

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