Cherry Pie.. A little sweet, A little Sass..

Meet Cherry Pie “the car” lol.. do you name your vehicles? I have never had such a tiny car size wise and the crazy thing is in the car and driving it does not feel small.  My Black Beauty of a SVU was taken off the road per its last big check up.. It would have cost a lot to fix the issue, it would have been temp and so I was home on the farm without wheels and we were a one car household.

I have been there for many years and normally it does not bother me much but for some reason this time it was chaffing me, I had things to do, I had places to be, I had things to mail out, I had things to get for classes and I had speaking and teaching events planned.

Now I will admit that Cherry is not that big, so some things will have be changed up and I will get on a planned out delivery system for some of the bigger things that need to come into the farm.

Still Cherry is going to the trip car, I adore CB, our bigger car but she is SO low to the ground.. and she makes my back hurt like you would not believe.. This slipped disk is really giving me a run for my money in terms of getting things done, having to make different choices on some things and the farm for the next year as it heals up.

I had been given the go ahead from the physio for the trip but only if I am willing to stop every 30 to 45 min and walk-do movements for 5 to 10..  stopping every hour to move might mean that I can function when we stop and get where we are going for the day but lets be fair here.. how do you get where you are going on your driving trip if you need to stop that often..   It means everything will take longer and then some to get anywhere.

Still I can’t wait for our holiday..

Cherry is outstanding on Gas, she has a crazy low km for her age and lots and lots of years left in her that’s for sure.  You have to be careful, she’s got some pep to her lol..

For me though the biggest perk is that I can get in and out of her without being in so much pain and I can drive for a certain length of time without it starting to really hurt. I am doing a test drive over this next while an we will see how I hold up.

I do love her color..



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2 Responses to Cherry Pie.. A little sweet, A little Sass..

  1. Widdershins says:

    What a wonderful new, red, toy!!! 😀

  2. LOL, re: “have to be careful, she’s got some pep” and “ticket-me-red” to boot!; )

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