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Plant and Grow Horseradish

Say Horseradish and most peaple in canada that I know will think of horseradish sauce or the added spicy in Mustard or Seafood Sauce.  The history of Horseradish is long, as in thousand plus year long and yet here in … Continue reading

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High Bush Cranberry BBQ Sauce Recipe

High Bush Cranberry BBQ Sauce 8 cups of late fall harvested after at least one or two good frosts softened High Bush Cranberry * (see note) 2 cups sugar or 1 1/2  cups honey 1 cup of vinegar (If you … Continue reading

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The Last of the Fresh Celery Garden 2021

Yes.. Today Nov 6th I headed out to harvest the last 5 celery plants growing in Kitchen Garden Plot 1.. way back in the very early spring.. we started so many celery seeds..  that grew into a tray with so … Continue reading

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Fall and Garden Burn out..

It happens to all of us.. at some point there is a garden burnout..  Where you look at the last of the things coming in and sigh, groan and go NO MORE!   Of course there is more.. so much more.. … Continue reading

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Lamb Stew Fall Garden

We are in zone 5 for our gardens and we are coming on the tall end of a number of things, still this fall garden based soup is lighter overall then what I think of as a cold weather winter … Continue reading

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Heliopsis – Bleeding Hearts

What a plant, the flowers start out almost a deep red, shifting to golden hues that magically end up bronze.   This is a big plant.. It needs space and sun!  It can be done in a mixed bed as the … Continue reading

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King of the North Pepper Report

This big guy is the most picture perfect green (stage) King of the North Pepper, It was selected as our main seed saver for 2021. I might yet save from one more yet, I have my eye a different pepper … Continue reading

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How do you use Sunchokes?

I have two main styles of sunchokes, these little fingerlings and they have great flavour and they produce a crazy amount of them but they are tiny and scrubbing them is hard enough, there is no peeling them, so I … Continue reading

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Hard Frost

It had to happen but its early..  three weeks early.. Oct 5th.. the first hard killing frost arrived on the farm.. even the things we covered which would have made it though a light frost with the covered, had been … Continue reading

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Grapes.. still giving and doing their thing..

Two years ago, the grapes pulled down their posts and wire.. its a jumbled mess out there..  it needs to be trimmed, cleaned up and totally rebuilt.. Just one more project that is on the list..  and there it will … Continue reading

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