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Beefed up Corn Pudding Recipe with Mashed!

Beefed up Corn Pudding recipe Inspired by Kodi’s Aunts Recipe but also by a recipe found in Fat-Back and Molasses, a collection of favourite old recipes from Newfoundland and Labrador. 1 onion-Peeled and finely diced 1 cup cooked and diced Leftover Beef 2 … Continue reading

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Raddish Greens, Rain, and Riding..

Well, the rain came softly first, four or more hours of lovely soft spring rain, I was off the farm for a good part of the day as I headed in to get to have lunch with 3 gens of … Continue reading

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Steak with Mango, Greens in a sauce..

2 nice steaks ( I made these with beef but it would work with lamb chops or pork chops), your choice on what kind, in this case it was round steaks, thaw them out in the fridge, 1 large ripe … Continue reading

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Grilled Salmon and Leek tortilla Recipe..

The orginal version that inspired this recipe is out of “the ontario cookbook” and it was for a smoke trout and chive tortilla.. but I had leftover grilled salmon, cold baby potato’s and fresh leek to use up which lead to this … Continue reading

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What’s working in the garden in this heat and drought..

Well, most of you know that I love to try a number of different things in the garden, and I have had alot of success with my no-till, dry land planting spacing and with my mulching.. Having said that, this … Continue reading

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Food Forest-Hiding in plain view..

If you drove by this, would you see anything other than a green jungle? Currently in that front green jungle there is Apple Trees Pear Trees Plum Trees Sweet Cherry Trees Sour Cherry Trees Mulberry High Bush Cranberry Honey Berry … Continue reading

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Green composting in place

I was able to watch some of Back To Eden yesterday and I will certainly plan to watch the rest, I was about 40 min into it and I very much liked the idea of how he creates soil but once … Continue reading

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Garden Monday

Well, I didn’t get much done in the garden on the weekend, but hubby worked on it for a bit on the saturday when he was puttering around.. he got a new row of strawberries done, plus cleared the area … Continue reading

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Pink Slime -No! Meaty Bones-Yes!

So two days ago on the CBC, while I was washing floors for the billionth time, I was very interested in the story of what was happening in regards to fallout from Jamie Olivers showing of just how meat scrapes … Continue reading

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O my, the driest winter in 63 years locally..

Well, this past weekend, we were out and about on the farm, and around the local area.. Digging in my gardens, it was startling to see just how dry some of it is already.. then we did some work in … Continue reading

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