Raddish Greens, Rain, and Riding..

Well, the rain came softly first, four or more hours of lovely soft spring rain, I was off the farm for a good part of the day as I headed in to get to have lunch with 3 gens of a certain family, it was lovely to get to spend time with my girlfriend, her dad an her sweet wee one.

By the time I was driving home the road though the forest was sopping and it took me double the time to drive it safely, an that also meant enough rain that I didn’t get out and ride yesterday, but as least I got my horse workout today(also in the rain but at least lightly rather then downpouring) but had to stop as I didn’t want to cut up the ground.

2013-01-01 2231 (447x600)

So I am on house cleaning today, the rain means that even with the fan’s on, its really taking its time drying LOL

Well my first big garden harvest has happened, bowl after bowl of….

2013-01-01 2234 (600x450)

Raddish greens came into the house, yup, it was raddish thinning time, even after I gave the ends and colored bits to the critters, I still have two huge washed and lightly chopped greens.

2013-01-01 2236 (600x450)

One big bowl went into a burger dish, its was so simple, I took a pound of my beef, and cooked it up with montreal steak spice, and once it was cooked, I added in 20 cups of washed, lightly diced raddish greens and cooked till wilted, this was served over a bit of freshly made mixed rice with a touch of butter.

Do you eat your raddish greens, so healthy for you! Full of all kinds of good things healthwise.

Say my first flowers today on my bell peppers but the pea’s are going so strong now, not only growing fast and hard but major flowering but also starting to produce pea pods at the same time..



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3 Responses to Raddish Greens, Rain, and Riding..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hm, never tried radish greens. Need to correct that omission ASAP: )
    Everything is growing like mad here too. I swear you can almost see things getting bigger as you stand there and watch!

  2. So, what do they taste like FG – a slightly spicy flavour, perhaps? Radishes are part of the Mustard family, aren’t they?

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