Garden and heavy rains are to be coming..

Well, I am to have lots of steady soaking rain for weds-Friday, and there is a warning out that it could get quite heavy at times, this is to me at least excellent news, we need the rain, we need to fill the water barrels, we need to fill the trought and we need to refill our ground water for the dug well..

Today and tonight will have a few moment to reseed out any hills that are lacking in their plantings.. Some came up with everything, other half some and a few hills have none, those darn birds 🙂

2013-01-01 2217 (600x450)

This is a perfect hill, two sunflowers, all squash are up, I will need to cull and or transplant a couple of them, plant to a different hill as I don’t want this many, I over planted and yet on some spots I am still lacking the required amounts..

2013-01-01 2209 (450x600)

Some area’s are still ok in terms of growth around the hills, but in a number of others, I need to find time to get out, cut and drop in place..

The main garden is coming along, we had a rain and about a fourth of the potato’s in the hills-straw garden popped up in a matter of a day or two, we need lots more rain to get the rest up, all the ones in the ground are growing very well indeed.

2013-01-01 2211 (450x600)

All the root crops are up but they are just wee seedlings, while the rain is a great idea, heavy rain could still be a issue, but as they have gentle swells in the walkways with free form raised beds, we should be alright, and its early enough to replant if required. I was going to bed them down but that will need to wait till after the rains and the coming push..

We created drain lines in the garden, this is one of the biggest, the rest of the garden gets their drinks, and then the water starts to flow in the walkways, which will naturally hold the water.

2013-01-01 2210 (450x600)

2013-01-01 2220 (600x450)a lot of which are cut this way and that to help collect the water and hold it to sink in, but not all of them, some of them are done to help the water move down, and then one is done quite deep to create a drain to the pasture.

2013-01-01 2226 (600x450)

There is a very steep ditch cut between the raised strawberries patch and the rhubarb patch with a line then cut over that drains right out of the garden as this is a wetter sink area of the garden, part of the reason for raising the beds and part of the reason for turning that one spot into a higher rhubarb area so I don’t have to fight with it each spring in regards to drying out enough to work with, and same with why the area behind it is done in sunchokes.

However I have a number of things in flower that are to produce the fruit for later in the season, I can only hope that the rains if they come as heavy as they say will not be damaged to the point of loss of crop.

2013-01-01 2207 (450x600)

Deb this question is for you or anyone who might have thoughts, my wild blooming fruiting bushes in the food forest-wilder area of the front have at my count four different bee’s of all kinds on them, they are alive with sound but!

2013-01-01 2224 (450x600)

So is my if you lift the tops up, now six foot comfrey plants, they have three different bee’s on them, but there is a clear difference on which likes what.. the four in the front, I have not seen in the garden and the three regulars in the garden, I don’t see them much in the front, I did see one in the apple, plum, cherry and crabapple but since the different things are flowering in the garden, nope, nothing.. but the tiny little native bee is in love with the mustard flowers.

2013-01-01 2205 (450x600)

The lilacs this year are stunning, when I hang my cloths, the scent washes over me.. love it!

2013-01-01 2206 (450x600)

But going back to the rain, my new raspberry rows to be, will love the rain, if it really does rain for three days, they are going to get a truly great water in.. yup as you can see its carved out of some pretty raw land, but the row was double dug, with compost mixed in and then planted back out..

2013-01-01 2216 (450x600)

The peas are finally growing, you can see it daily at this point up the fence’s, and they are covered in blooms to boot.. I hope they make it threw with little damage.

Well, I had better get back to it..


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2 Responses to Garden and heavy rains are to be coming..

  1. Sheri says:

    Awesome! I garden in my whole backyard. Before anything was ever planted or hardscape building was done I incorporated permaculture swales . For one whole year I was able to study sun and water movement and designed all my rows & swales to slow the flow of water down. What was a fun discovery was all the water that migrated into my yard from other yards. I was chatting at the fence one day with my neighbor and he asked “How come you never water over here”? I answered “You do it for me when you water your grass!” He lot out a snort just like a horse! My new neighbor’s on the other side asked me “What’s that asparagus looking stuff growing?” I answered “Asparagus”. What a hoot!

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Love your luxurious photos; things are doing SO well: ) Over the past week, our Black Locust have been the biggest attraction – as you said, literally abuzz with life – but sadly, if it weren’t for the various Bumble Bees there’d be very little sound. I have seen some, but very few honey bees, so far this year. Hopefully, that’s only because the long-delayed warmth has set the Queens’ brood production back as well? It has been raining for a while, and now, while the thunder growls in the distance, the power has begun browning, threatening to leave us in the dark… Good luck with getting just enough, but not TOO much (rain and wind): in the coming days.

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