Horse Training Clinic

Well, the past days have been very busy indeed.. Thursday was the start day of a Brandi Lyons clinic, I went with a friend on the Thursday, and we learned a goodly amount on that day, lots of things to bring home to work on with my own guys and then we had a bit of truck trouble, so we need to call my friends hubby and work out a pick up, a tow and so forth, which added in a good amount of time to our day but we all took it in stride and got it done.

Friday was spent doing farm work and the heat was bad but I struggled though it as a I had a full afternoon of farm help, and so a lot of the heavier need two people to get things done work got done, I was so whupped by the end of that day..  went to bed early and the alarm went off way to early indeed.


Back to the clinic, I ended up being there from just before 9am till just after 9pm, wow was there lots learned during the day and the evening was about cowboy clinic, very good info, it also meant that I figured out a training plan for both myself and for my horse in regards getting us ready for our first clinic at the end of this month. This ladies that attended this clinic were awesome, I really really liked Brandi’s teaching style, highly recommend her, IF you go in knowing that you are going to be worked to the point of being tired and sore.. she really wants you to get your money’s worth of training and she does push, in some ways, I think that is a good thing and in others, I honestly felt that at times, perhaps it was push just a hair to much..  but when the ladies called it, she always let them..

Sunday was back on the farm, the major push on the morning was weeding in the garden and getting the big new raspberry row in.. we have a new row of early bearing rasberries, there is a total of 60 new canes, the row is set up as a double row, they are just starting to break into leaf.  Speaking of rasberries, something odd is happening this year in our regular patch, we have had these rasberries for six years in that row and they always produce late summer and then go gangbusters till frost, but this year for no reason that we can see, they are already covered in flowers, and when I say flowers, I mean it, I figure there are at least a thousand flowers coming on those canes..  The only thing different was the very hard winter and the very slow, slow start to spring, then really no spring.. boom into summerlike weather.

I will be quite interested to see if they will produce and then stop or if they will start this early and go till frost if we keep picking, we will see..

Then I worked Caleb twice during the day, we were working on a few new things on the morning session and I could already see a improvement by the evening session. Picked upa box of non-toxic, child safe, washable chalk so that I can put a little funk into his white mane over the summer in regards to training and riding.. its just a little fun thing..

This morning so far, I have gotten some indoor stuff started but mainly I have spent it in the gardens weeding, and watering before the heat of the day arrives.



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14 Responses to Horse Training Clinic

  1. Sheri says:

    Interesting about your raspberries. I had a Granny Smith apple tree bloom last December. It’s doing fine and has a good bunch of baby apples on it. I just started hand cleaning the aphids off my plum trees this morning…in my P.J’s and slippers. I have never seen such a huge mass of them but I’ve noticed the moths flying around and knew trouble was brewing! Wonderful picture of you and all the ladies & horses. How fun!

    • What is your ag area that you have apples tree’s in bloom in dec 🙂

      • Sheri says:

        I’m in the San Juan Islands of Washington State just south west of Vancouver B.C. It’s a different local that has coastal variations. North side (more shade) to South side (more sun). I’m on the south/west side just 2 streets back from the ocean, I get a lot more sun but also have to put up with more wind. It rained this morning.

      • 🙂 Thanks for answering.. I love the oceans.. but yes, when you live close to them, the wind is a daily friend

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Glad your weekend went well: )
    It’s looking like an amazing year for raspberries here too – but strange about yours going so completely out of sync though? Perhaps we should be making sure to have an over abundance put away as well? (If we’re at the top of the [seven year] cycle this year, odds are that there’ll be a dearth next year then, hey? ):

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