November No Buy Finish up.

Nov 28th

It was a busy day here on the farm, the morning was spent doing the normal weds things, I did some banking, I did some cleaning and so forth. This lovely photo came up on the Facebook memory’s. It was a reminder once again that winter has arrived very early this year. Normally we do not even have snow on the ground yet.. just cold crispy foggy mornings.

The afternoon was taken up going to get our eyes checked and new glasses picked out, it had been two years since we had done so. Both of us needed new glasses, which in truth we both knew and were proven right. Thankfully a large portion of the cost is covered by work insurance but of course you must pay upfront and then wait for the money to come back to you!

And with this we finished! the second saving challenge for our belt-tightening for Nov! I was able to save enough that the percent of both the test and glasses and the taxes which are not covered were saved and paid out in full!

We also picked up a secret Santa for seniors living in retirement homes in our local community. The folks said that most of the people where picking to buy for the ladies so we picked an elderly gentleman to gift to. He asked for a warm quilt for his twin bed, so I thought I would be smart and go to the local store, pick it out, get it into its big open Christmas gift bag with tissue and right back to them.. nope.. only two twin’s at the store and both flowers and very much for ladies.

Nov 29th

It was a horse related morning, I was up bright and early to get things ready for the farrier to arrive. Got a message that he was running late so the horse’s got some extra hay and stand nicely at your post tied training. Then they got their feet done. They are both heading into winter in good weight but not heavy, and their feet are looking good. I am happy as its always hard when we have our “wet” time. I struggle to not have their feet soften to much when we are in mud season. They do have dry area’s in the barn of course but they are both very much, we will stand out here in the weather then go in unless they have to.

Got the news on the truck and its not good.. the truck is done.. it can be a parts truck or a bush truck but its off the road.. sigh!

The afternoon was spent doing a working consult over the phone with a couple folks and a great visit with a friend as well.. the rest of the day was just normal farm stuff!

Nov 30th


I love my photos of my grandfather in his garden!Β  This was their backyard after they moved to town and grandpa had retired.. I have many fond memories of visiting with him in the raspberry patch. I think almost all of us Grandchildren do πŸ™‚

I was excited to get my first seed order in the mail today! It was loaded with lots of steady as you go seeds and a number of new ones to me that had been carefully picked to work out some of the climate issues we have been having over the past couple years and I expect will become the norm.. more on things that will be done coming in future posts.

I got my chore’s done and then a dear friend came, she arrived with a still warm lovely baked treat and we have a girl day visit/lunch and it was so nice to get to see her.

We had company for Saturday as well both for lunch and supper.. it was nice to see them

I have to admit that it was lovely to get to go shopping for grocery’s on Saturday morning for my company. I added in some fresh items for the planned dishes.

The month was a success in the sense of saving money on not shopping for groceries, not doing little extras that all add up quickly to a larger amount then most of us expect.

However it was not a true no spend month, I did some sale shopping. I call it a success even if I didn’t get really hard-nosed about it.

I do have a question for you folks. I have had great readership on my posts that have tracked my little daily reports.. is this something folks would like to see me continue.. between once or twice a week, share the farm journal?



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17 Responses to November No Buy Finish up.

  1. Mary Ehlert says:

    Please continue! I am enjoying it very much.

  2. Marla says:

    HI Valeria,
    I love your pictures especially of the horses. You always have great information. I am glad I got contacted with you. We had our first snow on Nov 15th about 6 inches but luckily we haven’t had any since. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day.

  3. Cricket says:

    I’ve really been enjoying your day to day posts but I also really like when you dig into an issue about homesteading. Is it too much to do some of each? I know I’m greedy.πŸ˜€ It may be I just like to read what you write. Hope your health is steadily improving.

  4. Silveryew says:

    Oh no, boo to the truck! Can you afford a good second-hand one maybe?
    I like the pictures of all your critters you put up ^_^

    • Hi Silveryew, yes it was indeed boo on the truck.. what I thought was a bearing turned out to be something much worse, still it was a very good thing I took it in as it “could” have been bad. Its off the road now.

      I am glad you like the photos that are shared πŸ™‚

  5. valbjerke says:

    Carry on – I like the posts 😊

  6. Kim says:

    Yes I do hope you continue with your journal type entries. I also enjoy the no spend months. What for example do you eat that would be out of the ordinary for those months?

    • Hi Kim, Thanks for your impute and it sounds like a nice mix between the journal, lots of photos and then some nice indepth posts and of course recipes as well. Plus I have some trips planned for 2019 which I am looking forward to sharing as well. that is a good question in regards to what we eat different and worth a post on it.. but in a nut shell on this past month, I had all kinds of meats from freezer or canned, I had lots of fresh eggs coming in daily but I rare out of a lot of fresh foods pretty fast. I did have squash, cabbage, onions, but needed to move to canned milk, needed to move to dried or canned or frozen fruits, veggies for most of the month.

  7. Yes, please continue. I love your farm reports and your Friday rambles.

  8. Widdershins says:

    Love the weekly journals … and the Friday rambles/rants. πŸ˜€

    Could you run up a ‘manly’ cover for the quilt?. We did some of ours that were looking a bit scruffy with some thrift store sheets.

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