How you all doing.. Something had to give..

Hello Folks..

Sorry for such a long time not posting and here I was rocking it this year with my daily posts and then the reno’s hit, the move of my mom coming happened and I pushed to hard and got sick, enough that it knocked me down and its been weeks on meds.. Stress and overwork will get you if you don’t watch it.

I am not saying that its not still busy and not still crazy.. because it is.. but this past week, I baked and thought, I would love to share this on the blog, I saw a image on the farm of one of my critters and thought, that would be a great photo of the blog and I had the urge to stop and write.

I am glad to have those feelings because I had honestly gotten so overwhelmed that I was just pushing one foot in front of the other, work, harvest, process if possible, keep up on the chores and try and have enough energy to get the next thing done..

I, the list queen gave up writing them for close to two weeks, I just could not handle seeing all the undone things and then I was to have a weekend break, something I had been looking forward to for so long and my body just crashed.. Hubby had to take me to Emerg twice in three days, tests and more tests and all the results came back good..

I am happy that the tests came back good, the only thing they did know was that I had a unknown infection (treated by antibodics) and that my Allergies had kicked into overdrive to the point that it as acting like I was having a lung infections (which I didn’t have, many x-rays showed that they were in fact clear). I was ordered to bed rest for a week and was ordered no inside barn work for a month (thankfully hubby stepped up and that they created really good masks for when I do need to go in and do things) however I have lost of 40 pounds in the past few months, moving two full sizes in cloths, had to go buy new jeans yesterday because I am tired of needing the belt or them falling off me and to the floor.

While I certainly have enough extra that its not a hardship and its a good thing in many ways but its also a reflection of just how hard the past few months have been as I would just not be hungry and food was something that instead of being one of my biggest joys, became just something that I needed to do to get though the next meal for those in the house.

Personally I think its overkill on the barn thing but I am trying hard to follow ordered, the good things is that I will get barn rights back before lambing (they are due in marchish) and before the goats kid and milking starts and so forth.

Well, That’s my first update at the moment.. I have the Christmas tree up and the presents under it are looking fine.. mine and hubbies are all “we could use this for the farm” very practical.. but I have found some truly lovely gifts for my mom, I hope she will enjoy them.


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20 Responses to How you all doing.. Something had to give..

  1. grammomsblog says:

    Sorry to hear about all your health challenges Farmgal. I’m glad you’re on the mend now – slow and steady. Take care and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Nice to hear from you again!

    • Hi Morris Brook Farm, Nice to hear from you as well, I am so far behind on my own blog reading of site I like.. I will have to pop over and have a catch up.. How are you doing coming into the real harder part of winter and are you getting ready for Christmas?

  3. So glad you are back, I have been wondering where you disappeared to. Sorry you have been sick. Looking forward to more of your blogs as you are able.

    • Thanks Willowcreekfarm.. I have to admit that I was very unhappy to get that sick but it also did the job of slowing me down, making me really look at what was happening and reminding me to respect my own needs.. I have had stresses on the farm, anyone who farms, gardens and raises livestock lives with many small stress events but the truth is that the farm has always been a place that just works for me in terms of being my zen place. It would be fair to say that things got to the point that I was dealing and not living like I normally do.. I am very much looking forward to starting to post more.

  4. Cricket says:

    Oh my goodness, I sent you a message via Facebook before checking my mailbox for this new post. I just felt like I couldn’t wait another day to send you a message. 🙂 I’m sorry to hear about your illness and stress. Some of what you wrote really resonates with me as this past school term turned out to be a slog after 4 straight terms of joy. Taking the break to rebuild my health and get to my zen place again. So glad to see this post because I’ve missed reading your words!!! Sending you and yours my best wishes for the holidays and the year to come.

  5. Widdershins says:

    So many people I know have had crashes of varying sizes at the end of this year, myself included. Glad to hear you’re on your way out of what sounds like a nasty one. 😀

    • Thanks Widdershins, Sorry to hear that you had one as well and you know, its true so many around me as well.. it’s been a pile on type year in a way that is just not normal for me at least.. I have to own it, I pushed myself but I also let myself be pushed in a way that I would not normally do if I had not been rubbed thin over weeks and weeks of GO! Once I could take a step back and breath and think.. I was like.. what the heck am I doing? It really helped to do that pull back.

  6. Glad and thankful to see you back posting.

    Burn out sucks.

  7. Carol says:

    So glad you are back. You have been missed. Sad to hear that you have been so unwell. Hoping you feel a bit better every day. All the best …

  8. J > Having had our own spell with the overload lights flashing

  9. J > Having just ourselves got through a period with the overload lights flashing, D and I completely understand. Me especially. It’s what we guessed. We’re catching up on your posts, and oh my it’s good to have you back! But don’t post just because you think you have to – just as you’re inspired. There’s so much triviality, falsity and sheer drivel on the internet – social media mostly, and even on WordPress, so a blog that’s as genuine, as original, as informative, and as interesting as yours are few and very far between, so us readers appreciate whatever you do, and I’m sure others agree that we do not expect you to post daily, or even at regular intervals. When you write, you have readers – appreciative readers, at that.

    • Thank you for sticking around, it means the world to me that you guys are willing to put up with the thick and the thin on the postings 🙂 Sometimes I want to post two or three time a day and sometimes I have a off day or week 🙂 I have given myself that flexablity this year and I love to hear that some of my readers are good with it.

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