Christmas is coming.. the snow is here

Winter finally arrived on the farm in Dec, before that the truth is while we did have some cooler days and nights and we have bitter cold winds that cut right though you, we also had at least two good bouts of warmer weather as well.

We did drag in our harvests and some were good, some were ok, and some where very poor, our lambs went to the butcher, as did a few yearlings for our own use here on the farm. Leaving me with a greatly reduced flock. I did get my new ram..  His name is King and he is a total sweetheart of a boy.. young but big and strong with a gentle temperament so far.  I am heading into winter with seven ewe’s and my new ram.  The flock is a mix of a two old ladies, four proven wonderful middle age mothers and one two year old young lady.

The hens snuck in two nests on us and hatched out a total of 16 new chicks, the oldest are now ten weeks and the younger are around four weeks now. I am ok with it, because I will enjoy having the young roosters from these as fresh chicken and at fryer size. I raised a number of lovely big six to eight month boys that will do big! sunday dinners.

I still need to get Red the Pig butchered yet, he is getting to be a big boy at this point its not getting done until the new year..

Can you believe it only one week till Christmas? I am doing ok on it but still have some things to get yet for stockings and a few smaller gifts.  Its going to be a busy season compared to what I am used to. I have hubby home for ten days (whoot!) and mom and I are talking and working our way though a number of things.

Its very interesting to see how almost 19 years of living away from each other has created many different holiday customs and like everything else it seems like both fun and a challenge to figure out how to make this and that happen.

The best you can do is keep talking, be open to idea’s an such..  more company then we are used to.. my mom is far more social then I am and I am 100 percent more social then my husband LOL

Baking is planned for later this week so I will have the camera fully charged and I will share some family recipes with you all 🙂 How is your Christmas coming? do you have family coming home? Are you heading to family for Christmas? or are you having a quiet just you one (my hubbies favorite).

Are you ready gift wise, did you get any second hand gifts, I have done well in that regard.. really nice gifts but many were found in second hand shops. A few things were gotten new but all were gotten at really good sale prices.. if its not at least 40 to 60 plus off.. its not getting looked at.

Will you be gifting any homemade things this year? Baking, canning? or perhaps soap or candies etc?

On a frugal note: Butter Sales are on this week.. as are a few other very great basic baking staples.. loss leaders are out in force at the moment! in my local shops.


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8 Responses to Christmas is coming.. the snow is here

  1. grammomsblog says:

    Merry Christmas Farmgal and family!
    I’ll be staying home for Christmas with 4 of my adult children/daughter-in-law/2 grandchildren coming here for Christmas Day (the other 3 adult children & families are across the country or out of the country). It’s usually mayhem during gift opening with SO many hahaha but then it settles down to an afternoon of Board game playing, eating baked goods, and chillin’ while the turkey cooks. We’ve been busy watching Christmas movies for the past few weeks and making homemade gifts (even selling some!). All my gift wrapping is done and presents are under the Christmas tree.
    My family is going to the new Star Wars movie this Friday night in the city theater with my grown kids and teenage granddaughters (I love this as my kids grew up with Star Wars and now my grandkids are).
    Baking is planned for this weekend.

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas week darling!

  3. What types of chickens do you raise? I’m curious as my roosters aren’t fit for anything other than soup!

    • Hi, Salmon Favolles and Icelandic Chickens. If they are over a year or more, they are rested for a day after butcher and then pressure canned. If they are over six months and under a year they are rested at least 3 days in the fridge, then either brined and roasted or frozen and always cooked low and slow. If under six months of age, depending on the time of year, they are pulled from the free range-indoor outdoor flock and kept in smaller pen for at least two weeks to help them relax and chill and then they are butchered, with at least a 48 hour rest before using them.. those one’s I can do anything with, fried chicken, roast chicken, stir fries and more etc

  4. Widdershins says:

    Our grown-up children (and one grown-up grandchild) are spending time with their respective spouse’s famlies this year, and we’ve already had one ‘pre-christmas’ visit from them with another on 23rd, then it’s just us … bliss. 😀

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