Green composting in place

I was able to watch some of Back To Eden yesterday and I will certainly plan to watch the rest, I was about 40 min into it and I very much liked the idea of how he creates soil but once again I was stumped and surprised when they showed huge trucks bringing the materal to the site and a full sized backhoe being used to put things into a massive chipper/mulch making machine..

Come on, not everyone can live close enough to get many loads of wood chips dumped on their land, and even few of us can afford to use or rent backhoes etc.. I could not agree more with the goals of what I saw but I could not agree with how it was being done..

Most of us are going to have to use what is naturally provided on our own land or within our own area, and is able to be made with our own sweat and hands.

Which brings me right back to having my own compost piles, green cut and drop crops, mulch from what grows on the farm and making and using my own green or aged compost tea’s..

Our garden truly looks like a overgrown jungle to the naked eye, Huge patches of Stinging nettle, Burdock plants here and there, about the only thing that does look somewhat typical is that we do have walkways, at the end of most rows we have flowering plants, herb plants or medical plants, for every four or five rows, we have a row of flowering/herbs/medical plants, there are tree’s and bushes in the middle of the garden itself that it is planted around, create mini-shade spots..

Typically if its not planted its got green cover growing on it, or its got sheet metal on it or its covered in wood shavings/critter poo/feathers/hair from the pens.

One of the hardest things to learn to do in my garden is to learn to pull and drop, in many ways I find it hard because my folks always had us pulling the weeds and then removing them from the garden, so that they would not go to “seed” so I fight my inner voice when I just take a knife and cut down a swath of green and drop it in place, leaving the roots in place to rot in the soil, and the green to go on top.. However its very effective, you cut or pull and drop the green cover in place, make your planting hole, I tend to then mix in a bit of the aged compost below into the hole itself and then plant, then mulch around the plants on top of the green dropped cover crop..


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2 Responses to Green composting in place

  1. grammomsblog says:

    Agreed. I have resorted to burying my food scraps instead of putting them in my compost bin (4 wood pallets wired together) since it takes less time to decompose. I don’t have any critters for their yummy aged manure, but what I DO have lots of is seaweed from the river that I live along…..and leaves that I still have a pile of……. I usually put a section of newspaper down (from my neighbour) first around the plant, then cover with the seaweed, leaves, or whatever….. sometimes an old carpet! Wood chips from my woodshed make a fine pathway.

  2. oceannah says:

    Good lookin’ ‘maters there woman! And that’s a nice shovel full of GOLD!!

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