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Meat Chicken 2019 Overview

I now know why people raise White Rock Chickens.. Yeild and returns! Now I have to own up to a few things.. before I get to costs I over grew them.. I fully admit this.. I would have had less … Continue reading

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Harvesting Cherry Bark

Despite the snow, we bundled up and headed out to prune the cherry trees on sunday. The little trees need almost no pruning get. However the big producing tree needed a good prune to honest. I have three large branches … Continue reading

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Pasture Seed Blends

Well, I have found the company I want to work with, I am just waiting back on word on if I can get it ordered in by our local Home Hardware or if they are going to send me to … Continue reading

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Purr Pride got a present

I love my farm cats and soon enough they will be spending more time outside then inside as the weather warms up, still sometimes you just need to give them a nice present. I had been looking and waiting for … Continue reading

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Winter Manure and Composting

A poo.. If you have farm critters you have poo.. if you have bigger critters, you have lots of Manure Piles! My two horse’s alone produce around a hundred pounds of poo a day.   Lets break it down a … Continue reading

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Beware Cold Fatique in your livestock

Another brace of deep cold with fast frost bite warnings, another foot of snow coming in under 24 hours and all with strong blowing winds (of up to 80 km) an hour. What does this all mean? It means I … Continue reading

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Ordering Seeds in these changing times.

This post is tailored more towards those that have land, bigger gardens and for homesteaders that are growing to fill their jars, cellars, pantry’s and keep their families bellies full for up to a year or two. Its not going … Continue reading

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Early Frost -Weather/Food Productions

Well, this spring, we had a very late hard frost at the end of may, Thankfully I had kept all my really tenders in till the first week of june. Having said that, it cut the garden season short by … Continue reading

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Work Work WORK

I am making little moans every time I move lol.. Clearly off-loading fence post logs use muscles that regular chores, garden or mowing does not..   Thankful that the gentleman that brought them gave me a HUGE helping hand in … Continue reading

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Bullwinkle Cost Breakdowns and Return rate.

Total returns on BullWinkle 340 pds out of a approx. live weight of between 600 to 700 pounds 228 pounds of prime cuts, steaks, roasts and stew meat- Averaged it out to ten** – 2, 280 118 pounds in organs, meaty bones … Continue reading

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