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Herbed Meatballs Baked with Peaches in a Chokecherry Sauce

In my wonderful “Full Bellies” community supported food basket was 4 peaches among lots of other fruit. What to do with this lovely fruit and how to make it part of a meal with protein.. Baked Herbed Meatballs with Peaches … Continue reading

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Coltsfoot-Flowers and Flower Stems

The first flowers of spring locally have arrived, our Coltsfoot is up and in full flower, the flowers rise out of the ground on them stems coming many weeks before the leaves will show themselves. I picked a full cup … Continue reading

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Forage “Daylily Spring Leaves”

I have talked about those old fashioned orange flowered Daylily’s before. I love to harvest their flowers for both fresh eating and to dry them for year round use.  I have talked about harvesting the tiny but bursting flavour of … Continue reading

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Elderflower Scrub Recipe

I made a small Elderflower Scrub just to see if I liked it.. o yes! its lovely.. 4 to 6  heads of Elderflowers 1/2 cup of White Sugar 1/4 cup white wine Vinegar 1 cup of boiling water Now with Scrub’s you … Continue reading

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Outstanding Elderflower Harvest for 2017

We picked into a laundry basket and in the end we picked just over 5 pounds worth of them and we were so lucky that we have the rains stop, the sun come out and the flowers were dry and … Continue reading

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Rolled, Stuffed Bear Roast with reduction sauce.

Honestly how can you go wrong with rolled, stuffed, bacon wrapped roast..  It pretty hard to mess this one up.. Take your flat steaks or if you are using a roast, butterfly it into two equal portions and flatten them … Continue reading

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Cracked Salt an Pepper Bear Bite’s Appetizer Recipe

Sorry about the touch Blurry Photo’s, Thought I had gotten it and no going back after it was all gone in about three minutes. While I do understand that not that many folks have access to black bear meat (world-wide) … Continue reading

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Golden Needles Harvesting

or in common terms, picking and drying lots and lots! of unopenned Day Lily flowers. Ah, the common, humble daylily that most of us call, tigerlily’s or Ditch Lily’s are so wonderful to have in the kitchen, the little root … Continue reading

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Fried Plantain with Dippy Egg and Violet Flowers

The plantain are just hitting the ground now, tons of fresh tender and sweet new leaves coming on each plant..  the joy of these leaves is that they hold up even when cooked, they are not a melting green. This … Continue reading

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A Delightful Side Dish- Corn, Bacon and Dandelion Greens

As a lovely side dish it just does not get any more pretty and tasty.. but its also a amazing way to introduce the wonderful slightly bitter free growing green the Dandelion to those that are unsure.. Corn, Bacon and … Continue reading

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