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Elderflower Scrub Recipe

I made a small Elderflower Scrub just to see if I liked it.. o yes! its lovely.. 4 to 6  heads of Elderflowers 1/2 cup of White Sugar 1/4 cup white wine Vinegar 1 cup of boiling water Now with Scrub’s you … Continue reading

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Herbal Wormer and Spring Tonic Balls

This morning, I mixed 1 cup of DE Dirt 1 cup of garlic powder 1/2  a cup of TURMERIC 1 tsp of black pepper 1 cup of molasses 1 cup of mineral and Vit blend from the store for sheep … Continue reading

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Colds.. and some of my homestead helpers..

Well, I was going to post a recipe today, then I started a post about how awesome my hubby is in the fact that he got up early and did all my morning chores so I could sleep in, and … Continue reading

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Healing Salves-Yeast or Heat Skin Rash Blend.

Ok, so let me do the little blub first.. this is advice only, try a small amount yourself to make sure you don’t have a reaction and if anything gets worse etc discontinue use.. Now on with the show.. its … Continue reading

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Coltsfoot-Flowers and Flower Stems

The first flowers of spring locally have arrived, our Coltsfoot is up and in full flower, the flowers rise out of the ground on them stems coming many weeks before the leaves will show themselves. I picked a full cup … Continue reading

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Chickweed is very nutritious and is used in salads and soups, in the raw form. Apart from the use of its fresh form as salad green, chickweed can be added to tea. It is one of the ones that tastes … Continue reading

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Balm of Gilead

Balm of Gilead or Cottonwood Salve or oil The Buds are used in ointments and skin treatments to reduce pain and inflammation, and to ease rheumatic pain. Salicin, a major constituent of this plant, is a painkiller, while bisabolol in … Continue reading

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Book Review:101 Uses for Stinging Nettles by Peirs Warren

This is a little softcover book, but its worth its weight in Gold (well maybe not with the cost of gold these days, but Silver for sure). I started out using Stringing Nettles in the spring as one of the … Continue reading

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